Every now and then, we hear about pop artists stealing or “plagiarizing” another artist’s song or melody.

However, not all incidents end up in a court of law. Here’s a list of some classic Arabic songs that originated from other international songs.

Fayrouz- Kano Ya Habeby

Did you know that Fayrouz’s 1974 “Kano Ya Habeby” originated from a classical Russian anthem called Poliushko Polie Lev Knipper? Don’t believe us, listen for yourself.

Abdel Wahab- Ya Msafer Wahdak

Yes. Abdel Wahab’s masterpiece is taken from a Greek song that was released 4 years before his song came out in 1842. Wonders never cease, huh?

Fayrouz- Ya Ana

Sorry folks, but it appears that a lot of Fayrouz’s song is taken from a symphony by Mozart. But to be fair, Fayrouz’s family, Al Rahbani, did admit to borrowing her 1972 “Ya Ana“.

Hoda Hadad- Lina

Another song adopted from a classical symphony is Hoda Hadad’s “Lina” which corresponds to Mendelssohn’s violin E minor.

Mohamed Fouad- Aw2at ya Donya

No one can forget the 90s hit “Aw2at Ya Donya” by Mohamed Fouad. It was groundbreaking, but also, non-original. It’s actually a mirrored copy of Wild World by Cat Stevens.

Fayrouz- Betzkarak

Joseph Kosma got nothing on our Fayrouz. She adopted his Autumn Leaves music and put her own authentic Arabic spin on it. Can you tell?

Had any clue? we know we didn’t. Let’s just say that all the above mentioned songs are not actually stolen. They have been legally released by the confession and consent of each party with no lawsuits involved!