We have all been there- you are standing in front of your closet, gaping into an abyss of uninspired wardrobe. You run to your nearest port of call, usually your sister, mother or bestie for a quick fix. While that can add a much needed jolt to your stylistic heartbeat, there are other options (no, not a full blown shopping spree!). Try on some menswear for size. Why not draw inspiration from your father, brother or son for your next sartorial adventure? Here is a list of the top 10 picks borrowed from your boys that you never even knew you craved.

1- The Shirt

Crisp and baggy, just the way you like it. Tuck it into your trousers, or don’t even bother to button it up and turn it into a wrap-around instead.

2- The Cardigan

Snug on your man, but perfectly relaxed on you. Grab a lightweight cardi to stave off the cool breeze. Bonus points if you use a ladylike accessory to belt it.

3- The White Tee

The so-called boyfriend tee is really just a man’s muscle T-shirt taken out of context. Correction, repurposed for a woman with athleisurely tendencies.

4- The Letterman Jacket

Who cares if you were not on a varsity sports team? What is important is that your guy was and that he kept his jacket.

5- The Tie

A legal noose for most men, you can channel androgyny icons such as Diane Keaton and add a tie to your outfit for some additional shock factor. (Powerposing not included!)

6- The Panama Hat

You don’t have to be on vacay in the Caribbean to wear a hat. Try taking this out for a spin to spare that beautiful face of yours from the fierce sun rays.

7- The Watch

Did somebody say heirloom? Watches are by far among the most coveted jewels that you can score, not to mention the sentimental value of wearing your Giddo’s first Omega.

8- The Sweats

The essential item to nailing lounge apropos. Comfy and cozy for those days you want to laze around the house or run a quick errand.

9- The Boxer Shorts

Sometimes our girly nightwear can get the best of us. Lace gets frayed, silk rides up and that tank top is just too constricting. Get yourself a boxer and tee combo for the win.

10- The Scarf

Add that extra bit of edge or class with a masculine scarf. Use a traditional silk-wool blend to add some polish, or a quirky silk handkerchief for added hipster appeal.