The music festival Cloud 9 was held this Eid ElAdha break for the third time, from September 24th to 26th in Dayra camp in Nuweiba. The festival had a huge list of bands and performers planned to play, along with workshops and an overall gathering for the free-spirited. No one thought that the free spirits could turn the festival into a dark festival, but apparently they did.

The attendees were shocked to know that the music was canceled because someone got electrocuted and died during the festival. No one knew the details or what happened. Most attendees didn’t even know that anyone died, they just found the music canceled.

Some started taking Facebook to question what happened, and blaming the organizers for the man’s death. They’re claiming that the organizers had no security, and didn’t have respect for the man’s death.

The circulating story is that the organizers had uncovered wire right next to the sea, and there was a Bedouin man called “3am Hamdan” walking from camp to camp and he got electrocuted and died on the spot.



However, Mohamed Serag Eldin, owner of Dayra camp, had something else to say.


3 Days after the incident, and after people demanded explanation, Cloud 9 decided to do something about it:


We’re not blaming either Cloud 9’s organizers, or Darya camp for the accident, but we’re definitely blaming both parties for how the situation is handled so far. Taking 3 days to announce an apology for the trauma caused to the attendees, sending condolences to Hamdan and his family, apologizing for the music that wasn’t delivered and people paid for, or even giving people an explanation of what happened is extremely disrespectful to Hamdan, and the attendees.