We’ve recently been introduced to new places and multiple names along billboards on the road to Sahel. The question was which one of them would make it to our ultimate destinations’ checklist. The challenge was on, and ‘Coast 82’ by Hyde Park Developments was just more than ready to take the challenge down! Far from the hustle and bustle of Egypt’s populated cities, there was yet a new unspoiled, majestic oasis valley where nature’s beauty unfolds. Located along the most pristine shoreline of the Mediterranean Sea and blue waves of Sahel, an amazing resort area of 1.1 million sqm and 40 m wide blue water lagoons, stood ‘Coast 82’ , named after its location -Kilo 82 Marsa Matrouh road. You’ve probably heard the name or even seen the billboards and wondered what it is.

Here are the 8 challenges that ‘Coast 82’ had considered and taken good care of!

1. The usual U-shape plan with units having a dull view‘Coast 82’ created the Oasis Valley concept with all units in view of and in connection with blue waters!

The first thing that pops to mind is the unique master plan. The master plan was designed by E.D.S.A Miami, operating in around 100 countries. Their goal is to evoke a contemplative experience, aesthetic appreciation and spiritual connection to the land in order to create a sense of place that adds genuine context to development projects. Their projects include premium hotels all around the world including The Four Seasons, Hilton and Intercontinental along with the all famous Pepsico Global Headquarters. In ‘Coast 82‘, they used the existing natural bays and repurposed them into an oasis like valley with tree-shadowed passages all throughout– connecting everyone to the beach. Remember getting sun burnt before you hit the beach on your first day? Well, they have you covered. Literally!

2. Crowded housing landscape and hidden sea views The ‘Avant Garde’ theme they used gives a spacious feel to the resort, and the natural valleys give all units different heights for a better view!

The ‘Avant Garde’ theme takes living to a whole new level! With spacious landscapes and constant sea views, one has to fall in love with the new concept of urbanity it creates! In case you were concerned about the view, the native topography of valleys and stepped elevations ensure breathtaking views for all units!

3. You are forced between either two small or too big units They got it all covered from villas and chalets to apartments and in each option, they do offer different spaces as well.

‘Coast 82’ has a variety of options to choose from that fit your needs and definitely your budget. They have you in mind! Having said that, the different living zones at ‘Coast 82’ offer an endless variety of home types and sizes, from exclusive, lavish villas to deluxe chalets and apartment of every sort.

4. If you’ve got a driver or a nanny, and you can’t accommodate them somewhere close by – They got you all the extra close units for more staff quarters!

Ever felt the one room you have can’t house your maid and driver all at once? Didn’t you ever get frustrated because having that extra room can mean millions added to a bigger house? Here you can. Simply buy yourself an extra staff unit, that’s it! They are within the compound and nearby the utility zone to make sure nannies and drivers can have a pleasant time as well nearby their units. ‘Coast 82’ definitely has that eye for details.

5. Entertainment that could ruin the relaxing calm vibe of your getawayThe promenade of cafes and outlets in ‘Coast 82’ is located outside the residential area!

With a promenade of cafes and restaurants designed away from the units, ‘Coast 82’ will help keep it well balanced; a vibrant community without disturbing the tranquility and privacy you need.

6. You’d have to leave the resort to get your dose of entertainment else whereThey brought all the services and entertaining amenities to your doorstep!

They’ve got it all covered starting with a beach club house which will be run by our 5 –star hotel with a private swimming pool, indoor and outdoor terraces/lounges alongside a play area for your young ones during your getaway. It also boasts a 250 room 5-star hotel as well as tennis, volleyball and basketball courts to keep your sports schedules at check.

7. A getaway that takes too long to get to and far away from everything‘Coast 82’ is located in the heart of the Sahel coast and relatively close to central Cairo after all!

Last but not least, its proximity. It’s a good 100 km or even more closer to Cairo than other resorts further down the Sahel road, giving you an extra hour at the beach!

8. We need a place to enjoy luxurious services or even invite friends and family over to enjoy summer along-‘ Coast 82’ introduces a 5-Star hotel that will manage the beach club house along with its beach and offer all the luxury services you need from spa and massage to a gym and sports center!

The hotel will become the first high-end destination for people who seek to join our elite community for a luxury 5 star stay, enjoy a serviced beach and unlimited hotel services right in the heart of Sahel.

We believe that ‘Coast 82’ will be the next Sahel hit. It will be a definite ‘in’ destination at the heart of summer getaways; with everything you wish for in one breathtaking project and all the doubts you ever had tackled!