At tough times, don’t we all deserve a hand to lead us out of the woods? At this point in the COVID-19 crisis, we all know very well how each and every one of us is going out of their way to emotionally support not only themselves but also those closest to their hearts.

But rest assured, someone else out there is also looking after those who are in much need for support. Coca-Cola has taken it upon themselves to rise up to the occasion and send a strong comforting message that speaks volumes about social proactivity. 

Coca-Cola has a long-history of being socially responsible. But their Ramadan campaign for this year “We Will Get through This Together” is a bit different as it surely hits close to home.

This is mainly because it has each and every one of us in mind and its main aim is to spread a wider sense of belonging and togetherness.

In an attempt to lighten the gloom a bit, Coca-Cola will be showcasing real-life stories of inspiration through their ad. Stories to which every single one of us can relate and is able to see themselves in; creating a much-needed sense of belonging in a bigger picture and a hope for a better future.

However, the most significant outcome of the campaign is Coca-Cola’s ground efforts to support the front-liners fighting the pandemic.

With a “Thank You” message customized, the company sent out more than 1 Million Dasani water bottles in all 27 governorates to keep our Egyptian white army both recognized and hydrated.

This is only one initiative in a long chain of achievements by Coca-Cola to support the Egyptian government and society alike.

According to Ahmed Radi, General Manager of Coca-Cola Atlantic Industries, the company always had the Egyptians’ backs through thick and thin over the span of 75 years.

Honestly, Coca-Cola managed to set the bar real high, and hopefully, the much appreciated good deed will be reciprocated!