You’ve finally made it to university, that glittering establishment that has always symbolized freedom for as long as you can remember, ever since the tyrannical school uniform era. What now? What do the next four or five years hold? To sum it up, college life will be the best, worst, most perplexing roller coaster ride you’ll ever get on- take it from someone who’s been there.

While there may be a lot that I still haven’t figured out yet, I do know some things now that I wish I had known as a freshmen. They’re not tremendously mind-blowing perils of wisdom, but they may or may not help you smoothly get through your first year as an undergrad- in one coherent piece, that is!

Your Major (Or Lack of One) Does Not Dictate Your Life:


How does society expect teenagers, who were forced to wear only white socks and have their hairstyle controlled by the school administration just a few months ago, to decide their career path? It’s okay to not know what you want to do. It’s okay to experiment and try out different majors till you find the one that clicks with your interests and goals in life.

You Do Not Need to Buy ALL the Textbooks:


Before you go running and piling up all the textbooks you can lay your hands on, take a long breather. You may very well end up not using the textbook for the whole semester, plus e-books were invented for a reason. Save your shoulders and back the pain of carrying 15 pounds of books and make sure you actually need a textbook before buying it.


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Sure, you’re hyped up about building your new social life and joining all the extracurricular activities and on-campus clubs, but no. Joining a dozen of them will just end up destroying any hope of you ever having a proper social life. Moreover, you can just bid your GPA farewell.  Go around, see which clubs are on par with your interests and join a maximum of 2 per semester. Clubs can be fun, as well as beneficial in terms of teaching you about work ethics, but too much of them will. Ruin. Your.  Life.

Distinguish Between Close Acquaintances and Close Friends:


Just because you kiss hello and give each other suffocating bear hugs every single time you catch a glimpse of each other doesn’t mean they’ll be there whenever you seriously need them. At university, you’ll meet so many different people, some of which will only be good to share a quick, superficial chat or joke with but nothing more.

Your GPA Is No Indication of How Smart You Are:


Yes, it’s important and I’m not justifying the fact that your midterm is tomorrow and you’re hanging out at Nacelle’s. Hold on though, your GPA is just a number and is no way an indication of your IQ. Study, attend your lectures and do your best, but don’t fret over a decimal point lost here or there; it happens- you study and sometimes screw up.  Don’t beat yourself over it.  A lot of people cheat their way to a higher GPA while others sweet talk professors into bumping up their grades; does that necessarily make them more intelligent than others? Surely, their means and tactics are well-planned, but they no way represent their studiousness.