For all of us, TV addicts out there, we have a major problem. Most shows are currently on hiatus and there’s nothing new to watch! With plenty of free time on our hands during Ramadan and the Eid vacation coming up, the lack of shows in our lives is making us miserable. Left with little choices, we will have to take a risk and  start watching shows we’re unfamiliar with, good or bad. We decided to help by picking out for you some of the underrated comedy shows, at least in Egypt, to binge watch till the new seasons start!

  1. Workaholics

The semi-improvised show is about 3 friends who live and work together as telemarketers. They do nothing but get drunk, smoke up and make bad decisions. Their jokes and personalities are very relatable; you’ve probably had to encounter the situations they have to face once or twice before. You feel like one of them!


Number of Seasons/Episodes: 5 Seasons/66 Episodes

IMDB User Rating: 8.2/10

  1. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia


First off, it stars Danny DeVito, so that alone should be a good enough reason for you to watch it. It’s also one of the very few shows that keep getting better and better with time! The “gang,” who run an Irish pub in Philly, is made up of 5 people, 2 sets of twins and their step father. They portray the modern day rednecks and people who are completely oblivious and politically incorrect. The show is not scripted, and most of the conversation are improvised.


Number of Seasons/Episodes: 10 Seasons/114 Episodes

IMDB User Rating: 8.8/10

  1. Modern Family


The show is about an extended family, a father and his new family, along with his daughter’s and son’s families and grandkids. The Dunphy Family truly makes it one of the most relatable shows. All the problems and situations they go through are real family issues portrayed in a comedic way.


Number of Seasons/Episodes: 7 Seasons/144 Episodes

IMDB User Rating: 8.6/10

  1. It Crowd (UK)


British comedy might not be for everyone, but this show is exceptionally good for all. It’s about an IT department in a big financial company whose boss knows little or nothing about computers. Some of the show’s jokes became internet classics, without actual crediting to the show. If you’re a nerd, a geek or simply hate your job and boss, you’ll totally relate SO MUCH to these guys!


Number of Seasons/Episodes: 5 Seasons/25 Episodes

IMDB User Rating: 8.6/10

  1. The Office


This is the show that literally made Ricky Gervais and Steve Corell! The show is a mockumentary of life in the office, with all of its ups and downs in a hilarious manner. No matter what job you do , you’ve been through what’s featured on the show! Both the US and UK versions are worth watching, regardless of being the same show.

The Office (UK)


Number of Seasons/Episodes: 3 Seasons/14 Episodes

IMDB User Rating: 8.7/10

The Office (US)


Number of Seasons/Episodes: 9 Seasons/187 Episodes

IMDB User Rating: 8.8/10

  1. The League


Another semi-improvised show that’s basically about lifeless people who are obsessed with Fantasy football league and how their whole world revolves around it. The jokes and conversations are always hilarious; you’ll never get enough!


Number of Seasons/Episodes: 7 Seasons/84 Episodes

IMDB User Rating: 8.4/10

  1. Impractical Jokers


This really isn’t a sit-com type of show; it’s a practical jokes show. These types of shows are usually staged or unfunny, but these guys nail it! The cast are all stand-up comedians who have a great sense of humor and can come up with amazing jokes. Their pranks are extremely simple, yet embarrassing. If someone fails to perform the joke, they lose and have to go through a crazy punishment.

Number of Seasons/Episodes: 4 Seasons/90 Episodes

IMDB User Rating: 8.9/10

  1. Arrested Development


Last, but not least, Arrested Development. While it might not really be unknown, it’s defiantly underrated. The show is about a family who had their dad imprisoned for being a fraud, and they’re all trying to pick up the pieces as a result. What makes this show quite ironic to Egyptians, is the fact that many of Egypt’s “businessmen” have been through something similar after the 2011 revolution. So if you enjoy watching spoiled, rich brats suffer, this is your show!


Number of Seasons/Episodes: 5 Seasons/68 Episodes

IMDB User Rating: 9.1/10