How many times were you sitting at home bored out of your skull, and a commercial came up on TV and stirred an indescribable emotional spark into you? Well, we know that Mother’s Day is an emotional day for all of us, which is why we took it upon ourselves to put together some of the best advertising campaigns focused on and featuring mothers. Bring your tissues and scroll through!

1. Etisalat- Mama Wala El-Hedya

Because choosing between our mom and a gift is quite a dilemma, but at the end of the day, when it really comes down to it, we will choose our moms because  “Hya bte7ebena ad sama w el ba7r kolohom”.

2. El-Araby Group- Shokran ya Omy

Many times in life we went against our moms’ better judgment, and decided to do what we wanted to do anyway, only to grow up and realize that we are our mothers!

3. Juhayna Cheering Egyptian Mothers 2014

There were many times when our moms stayed up through the night to take care of us. She truly puts us before herself, even if it sometimes costs her, her health and her piece of mind. Luckily, these moments no longer have to go unnoticed thanks to Juhayna.

4. Riva Mother’s Day Campaign 


Because our moms are and will always be our biggest supporters!

We share a lot of memories with our beautiful moms that we are very fond of, and which will forever be engraved in our memories. These memories only remind us of how much our moms have sacrificed for us.

6. Shokran Ya Omy- El-Araby

Well, this one is honestly a guilty pleasure, because what’s cuter than a little boy singing to his mom? Also we don’t feel like we’ve been thankful enough this year! Shokran ya omy!

7. Huawei Mother’s Day “Mothers exploring social media”

When our moms bugged us with all the social media ignorance, but we buckled up and helped them anyway, because they taught us how to eat, walk and do even the stupidest simplest activities!

So what do you think? Are you having goosebumps yet?!