(Disclaimer: These dreams interpretation are all based on psychological studies only, not religious)

Oh dreaming, the peaceful thing that happens from our subconscious when we sleep…

We usually never take our dreams seriously, until we keep having the same dream over, and over, and over again. Then we realize maybe our subconscious really is trying to tell us something. So what are these dreams? Do they actually have a meaning? They do!



We’ve been told ever since we’re kids that dying means you’ll live a long life, but that’s not what your subconscious wants to say. If you’re trying to end something in your life, like a relationship, job, project, or anything else, you’ll end up dreaming that you’re dead. Death is a symbol of “ending” something, but not your life.



Women, and men too, sometimes dream that they got pregnant. What does it symbolize? Problems! You’re overwhelmed with problems, and you feel like it’s becoming a part of you. If you dream that you’re giving birth, however, it means that you’re coming up with a new thing or idea in your life.

Driving a vehicle out of control

This is a simple one, you feel that your life is getting out of control.



When you dream that you’re falling, it means that you feel like your problems are taking over your life and they’re “pushing you” out of yourself. Usually its problems related to failure.

Teeth falling


Teeth is a symbol of confidence, so losing them means that you’re losing confidence in yourself.

Getting chased


This might seem like a bad dream, but it actually has a good meaning. It usually means that you’re ready to face a problem that you’ve been running from.

Getting cheated on


You could have this dream about someone you aren’t involved romantically involved with, or someone you’re with. Whoever is cheating on you is not giving you much attention in real life, and your inner attention whore isn’t happy with this.



If you’re in control of flying and enjoying it, then it suggests you’re in charge of a certain situation that’s been taking your time. It also represents freedom and that you’re breaking free of your own shell.

Being Naked in Public



This is usually because you’re going into a new place and new people will be watching you. Maybe a new job, you’ll be on stage, about to meet new people, etc.



If you fear snakes in your life, your dream will mean that you’re waiting for something unpredictable, and the lack of control you’re facing is bothering you. The something it symbolizes might be a physical thing, a certain event, or a behavior from someone, such as betrayal.


Taking an unexpected test might mean that you’re unprepared for something. If you’re failing the test, it will mean that you’re anxious and scared of failure in general. If you dream that you know the answers to the test, but still fail, it means that you’re lacking confidence.


Dreaming usually is harmless and probably doesn’t have anything behind it. If you do feel, however, that it was trying to tell you something, or you have it often, try to figure out what your subconscious wants to say – you’ll make peace with yourself more.