We know it can get really hard when your best friend gets committed to a relationship and you’re all single, and you feel like you suddenly lost your hang-out buddy.

Now, there are two ways to view this. You could choose the stay-at home weirdo lifestyle, or you could make the best of it and become the social human you always wanted to be!

We asked someone who always found themselves in a third wheeling position how they managed to thrive through the awkwardness. And as it turns out, there are perks to it!

But first, what does the term “third-wheel” actually mean?

A third wheeler is a person who is unnecessary to a group and who is awkwardly tagging along to a couple. While the awkward third wheel situation could be really uncomfortable for some, many do enjoy it and here’s why you could too.

Double the Support

The biggest benefit of being a third-wheeler is having a great deal of support. If you’re used to having your best friend’s support in any issue, now you could double it by two. Apparently, this will get you closer to both and having a second opinion all the time will probably help you make the best of decisions.

New Honorary Best Friend

Chances are if your best friend gets along well with him, you will too. If you’re short on guy friends (which are really handy), know that you now have a faithful new one. You can ask him for anything and he will straight up help you. If you’re smart enough, your best friend’s boyfriend can actually be at your beck and call!

Huge Confidence Boost

If you were having a hard time adjusting to the idea of a third-wheel, this probably means you are a social-butterfly. This situation will get you out of your comfort zone and have you experiencing social situations that made you cringe before. So, if anything, say hello to a great new chunk of self-esteem.

Personal Love Gurus

You will get a first hand experience on what it’s like to be in a good relationship (assuming this is the case with your friends). If you find the right guy, they will give you practical hints and tips on how to win him. To add to the fun, you can go out on a double date if you do actually get your guy!

You Will Eat A LOT!

Now this is the part where it gets really fun. If you hang out with your friend’s boyfriend, he will be buying your friend food. Which means, you will be eating a lot, too! Enjoy your free pizzas!

To all the three musketeers out there, don’t be bummed out by this. Look at the full-half of the cup here and try to get some fun of your own!