Confidence is important whenever you’re the center of attention and judgement. You don’t care what people say and you trust yourself in every situation. These should be admirable traits, but in today’s world, your good intentions can actually all go South very quickly. The struggle of being confident is real. It causes awkward situations and you usually make a fool of yourself.  How can you sound like such an evil human being, when you’re really full of love for everyone?

1-People mistaking your confidence with arrogance


Here’s the thing, being confident doesn’t mean I think I’m better than anyone! The first thing that makes a confident person confident is that they know their own pros and cons. I’m not “arrogant” or “delusional.” I just love and accept myself for who I am.

2-We sometimes struggle with compliments 


Sometimes when we receive a compliment, our reply is automatically “I know, right?” As soon as you say that, you realize how assholish you sounded and you try to fix it, but usually make things worse.

3-You struggle with relationships


You get in a relationship, then you realize you’re a tad-bit-way-too-good for them. You think they’re nice, but you know you deserve better.

4-You’re not expected to have feelings


Confidence doesn’t mean I’m an emotionless person. I have emotions and feelings and I’m still allowed to breakdown. It’s only healthy, and guess what? I’m confident enough to cry and breakdown without fearing the thought of being weak.

5-You can’t relate to your friends when they talk about their lack of confidence


You’re a good friend and you want to help your friends, but when they talk about their confidence issue, you just can’t help. Sometimes you try too hard, but you end up hurting your friends instead. Oops…

6-You intimidate people


Some people get intimidated by confident people. They think we have it all figured out, or have a great success story. I’m not better than you or anyone else. There’s a difference between confidence and arrogance, *points at #1.*

7-If you’re a confident introvert, you think you’re better than everyone


Shyness and being a social person has nothing to do with confidence. Maybe they can’t start conversations or might even just enjoy being alone more. It doesn’t mean they look down at people.

8-If you’re a confident extrovert, you think you’re better than everyone


Yup, it’s the same situation with extroverts. Extroverts like to talk, and when they’re out of things to talk about, they start talking about themselves. Not because they’re blinded by themselves, but because they have nothing else to say and they want to keep the conversation going. No, they don’t think the world revolves around them, no.

9-People question our happiness


While not all confident people are happy with their lives, most of us are. We accept ourselves, and that’s the first step to happiness. Some think we fake our happiness or…

10-People think we’re dumb


Yes, there are many dumb people who think they’re the best thing since sliced bread, but not me! Many think that happy people are happy cause they don’t realize what’s happening in the world and are oblivious, but depression and insecurities don’t prove intelligence! So don’t feel guilty, enjoy your confidence in yourself!