Talking to strangers might be one of the most nerve wrecking things ever! How can I go talk to a complete stranger? What if they think I’m creepy? What am I going to talk about? In Egypt, it’s both scary and challenging to engage in conversations with people you don’t know. We’re not used to the idea of talking to strangers, and some might justifiably take it the wrong way. Surprisingly, it’s doable. Here are some simple tips to get you started but bear in mind that they might not work with everybody.


-Stick to the basics

First things first, don’t get all weird and eerie. If you’re too scared, over confident, or start off with a cheesy pick-up line, you’ll come across as a creepy pervert. Keep it simple and be confident, not too confident though.

-Be selective about who you talk to

Don’t talk to someone who seems busy or ‘taken’. Pick someone who looks friendly and seems like they have time to talk.

-Keep it friendly

Don’t start off with the intention of falling in love and having babies, or talking them back to your place. No! Think of it as an interesting friendship which might develop into something serious later, but keep it friendly for now.

-Be ready for rejection

Not everyone likes talking to strangers, so don’t take it personal if the person is rude or if they even walked away.


-Don’t think about what they might think

If you keep thinking about what they think, you’ll never talk to them.

-Try to find a conversation starter

Try to find something common to talk about. If you’re in a library, for example, and find them looking at a book you’ve read, talk about the book. This could work with shopping as well- give them fashion tips. If you’re at a bar or a restaurant, you could either ask for recommendations from the menu or recommend them something yourself. If you can’t find anything to talk about, keep it as simple as saying “Hi”.

-If you struggle to find common grounds for conversation, ask a question

Ask them a question that requires a long detailed answer or one that has a follow up question. Preferably, it should be a their opinion regarding something, or a recommendation.

-Personalize the conversation 

We love talking about ourselves; it’s part of our human nature. If you show eagerness when they speak of personal achievements  or glory, it could definitely be an interesting conversation. Bonus point: Let them talk about their dreams and passion, maybe you could help them with it and have a major impact on their life. It’ll make you memorable, even if you never met again.

-Conduct a conversation for the sake of chatting

Meeting new people and exchanging ideas is one of the most productive social activities. You might never see the person again, but you could learn a lot from them. Don’t expect it to turn into the greatest friendship; you’re just having a nice conversation for the time being.

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