In case you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t heard the news for a while, Coronavirus broke out in China last December, and it presented a sudden threat to the entire world. And ever since, mass hysteria has been spreading even faster than the virus itself. But worry not, everybody!

While a vaccine for Coronavirus hasn’t been discovered yet, researches have proven that some cleansing products help prevent the spread of Influenza A2 Virus and Human Coronavirus!

So, if you’re also a concerned parent, keep on reading as we will let you in on some tips and tricks to help preventing the Coronavirus infection and all infections, for that matter!

General tips to prevent Coronavirus:

Other than the trusted face masks, there are more efficient ways to protect yourself from this sneaky virus. Experts agree that with most infections, even the common cold and the flu, the most effective way to protect yourself is regular hand-washing with water and soap.

Increasing Vitamin C intake is a must.

Much like how good defense is merely offense, one method of protecting yourself from the virus is to boost up your immune system, which you can do by eating fruits and vegetables rich in Vitamin C, like oranges, kiwis, strawberries, broccoli, and cauliflower.

You also have to keep on hydrating.

This crucial second step is something we should keep in mind no matter what the circumstances are. Drinking water is important for hydration because it protects the respiratory system from getting infected easily as well as helps regulating body temperature and keeping the body itself in check.

Last but not least, avoid any close contact with sick people. Also, avoid touching your mouth, eyes and nose with unwashed hands.

How to keep your homes infection-free?

Now let’s delve deeper into the how-to steps for keeping your home safer from any infection, and especially the Coronavirus.

Keep your surfaces infection-free by cleaning your tables, keyboards, doorknobs, remote controls and any kind of visible surface you can think of with bleach-based disinfectants.

For this, we highly recommend the Clorox set of Clorox Liquid Bleach and Clorox Multi-Purpose Trigger.

If you’re wondering by now, if these products are efficient enough to prevent the viral infection, we are here to tell you, YES!

Quoting the WHO, The World Health Organization, “Some chemical disinfectants have the ability to kill the 2019 Coronavirus on surfaces. This includes bleach/chlorine based disinfectants.” (Insert tweet)

On that note, Clorox have decided to provide you with the ultimate weapon. The Clorox Liquid Bleach, designed to clean clothes, fabrics, floors, toilets and surfaces. And the Clorox Multi-Purpose Trigger for your bathrooms, ceramic and surfaces.

As we mentioned earlier, both designed with infection-eliminating chemicals upon the recommendation of WHO, FDA (Food and Drug Administration), and CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)!

So, panic from Coronavirus is no longer necessary. What are you waiting for? Keep your homes and family members safe with the products you trust the most.