Growing up without doing crazy things or remembering any of those acts is impossible. Those things are what made our childhood count!

1. Pretended to be drunk by grape juice

Growing up watching movies, we tried several times to fill half of the glass with grape juice as if it’s wine and pretended to be drunk.

2. Had a special scar (either by falling over something or due to a siblings fight

Each one of us has this one unique scar that sums up a symbolic incident, either a fight with a sibling or a tough fall.

3. Took over the steering wheel

Who hasn’t tried to take over the steering wheel as soon as his parent left the car to go get something real quick. That’s one thing we did for entertainment.

4. Pretended to smoke a real cigarette using candy cigarettes

Remember the candy cigarettes that looked exactly like real cigarettes before removing the cover? Don’t try to say that you only ate it without pretending to smoke it first!

5. Sneaked on our parents

It was a “I know what you’re doing” kind of sneak. “Goodnight mommy, goodnight daddy!” – A few minutes later.. “Do you want me to fix you some sandwiches?”

6. Broke a leg, arm or a nose while jumping off a couch or a high surface while under the impression of having super powers

This is what happens when you’re brainwashed by cartoons! Not a single one of us escaped this kind of ‘I have super powers’ curse! “I believe I can fly” – falls right on the face!

7. Tried to cut our own hair or eyelashes

Parents freaked out over this. If you’re complaining from how your hair looks like now, stop pretending! You know what you’ve done to it and to your eyelashes!

8. Fooled our parents with made-up stories and they actually believed us

“Yes mommy, I saw him walking in our balcony at night.” Of course in this scenario, we left them no room for doubt… “RUN HONEY!”

9. Ate lots of sand and enjoyed it 

No one can figure out the mathematics of this, but not a single child has not eaten sand either intentionally or by mistake! No one disliked it.

10. Peed in the swimming pool

Ever got carried away with the moment that you peed in the pool because you were just too busy making memories?

11. Tried to shave our cheeks, bled from the face  

No one tried to do this and got away “safe” with it! It could be one of the scars that we have. Hell, we were brave!

If you haven’t done at least two or three of those, then you must be missing out on a lot!