One thing we know for sure is that people admire creativity and handmade stuff more than valuable, expensive things. You don’t need to be rich to redecorate your home. These tips will inspire you to make some simple changes in your house that are quick, easy, affordable, and heartfelt! 


Flower Bulbs

Take a couple of old light bulbs, fill them with water, add flowers, get a thick flexible wire, and voila!

Egg Carton

After having breakfast, don’t throw the egg carton away. Grab some shots glasses that fit the carton’s wholes, fill them with flowers, and place it in your balcony or your kitchen window to give the room some life to it.

Cherry Blossom Art

You don’t have to be an artist to draw a nice painting. Use the bottom part of a soda bottle to draw flowers on a branch that you drew. Frame your painting and hang it on an empty wall in your house.


Metal Mirror

Get a round mirror and a set of spoons, forks and knives. Hang the mirror on your wall and glue your silverware around the mirror in order. There you go!


Bracelets Bottle

This one is as simple as shown in the picture.


Earring Stand

Spray paint cheese grater, put large holed beads onto ceiling hooks, glue into base of cheese grater.

Inspirational Wire

Stick a wire to your wall, print some inspiring and motivating quotes, hang them on your wire to help you start your days positively.

Scrabble Frame

Grab the letters needed from a scrabble board game, stick them together to a blank paper to complete the sentence “Welcome to our home”, frame it, and hang it on your doorstep.