For decades, we, as Egyptians, adopted European beauty standards. We were somewhat ashamed of the texture and color of our natural hair. However, the natural hair trend in Egypt is now at its peak.

People are finally coming out of the closet and embracing their natural hair color and texture. If you think the trend is only exclusive to regular women, you’re wrong. Check out these celebrities and public figures joining for the cause!

Dina El Sherbiny

Dina is one of the very first celebrities to accept their natural hair. Not just that, she actually wore it on many of her TV series. We all remember those big brunette waves from Hekayat Banat, right?

Asmaa Abou El Yazid

The new drama sensation that first appeared in Haza El Masaa’ and warmed our hearts with her all-natural beauty is also a curly-hair icon. She rarely shoots with straight hair and she’s really influencing the youngsters who basically adore her at this point. Did we mention she has an angelic voice too?

Ola Roshdy

She’s one of our favorites for so many reasons. One of those reasons is how bravely she flaunts her natural hair in all occasions. If you check her Instagram account, it’s all curly whether she’s driving the kids to school or even attending red-carpet events.

Nada Moussa

Another TV sensation we can’t get enough of her transformation to natural hair is Nada Moussa. She left us all in awe when she suddenly ditched the good girl straight hairstyle she always wore (case in point, Grand Hotel) to go for an edgier red-head curly look.

Nessma Mahgoub

Star Academy winner and famed vocalist, Nesma Mahgoub, is the newest member to join the curly family in Egypt. In a recent interview, she talked about how she wanted to make the decision for years but couldn’t because of curly shaming. Brave her, she even wore it to her wedding!

Mai Ezz El Din

Not so long ago, Mai Ezz El Din announced she’s finally considering a heat-free challenge. She was asked if her curls are just extensions, but she denied and said her hair has always been curly and that now she’s finally embracing it.

We are so glad more and more curly queens in Egypt are following the trend; which we hope will turn into a lifestyle. Celebrities, in particular, have a huge mark to leave on the younger generations now so it’s a win-win situation.