By: David Magdy

Many of us agree that a bearded man is way hotter than a man who is not capable of growing one. Beardless men suffer from unfair comparisons; here is an insight on being beardless from a man who knows better.

1- No matter how old you get, the baby face is a curse that will haunt you forever.

2- The awkwardness you feel when your bearded friends start comparing the shapes and lengths of their beards and how they’re one week away from getting the “Bilzerian look”

3- Those social media posts that alienate you and make you feel bad about yourself.


4- You could never use that one excuse “maalesh kont ba7la2 da2ni” because you know you’ll get an endless load of “Saf” even though you might have been shaving this shabby, dispersed, wannabe of a beard.


5- You NEVER have the courage to ask your barber: “We7yatak sha3r w da2n”.


6- “Shanab e3dadeya wel saksouka” is always a look that’s going to haunt you no matter how far past e3dadeya you actually are.

7- You’re the one who still needs to show his identification card at clubs while your bearded friends are already ordering their first round of drinks.



8- No-shave-November aka “Movember” does not exist on your personal calendar.


9- The only indicator of you hitting puberty will be your coarse voice.

10- Your friends try to point out how lucky you are for not facing the hassle of shaving your beard every morning, but they don’t understand that shaving is a long lost dream of yours “NEFSI A7LAAA2!!”

At the end of the day don’t let it get to you and try to embrace the fact that chances are you’re never gonna grow a beard; “Kol wa7ed beya5od nasibo, 3aleh el 3awad”.