With her confident walk and look, Rihanna attended Valerian Premier, astonishing everyone with her curves. However, that was not all! She was swamped with negative feedback from body shamers. As always, social media people shared her picture commenting with all sorts of fat-shaming comments:

“Noooo Bae getting too fat”

Those are some of many comments she had to endure!

But as always Rihanna came back at her body-shamers. She and her friends uploaded a video of her buying her favorite snacks, commenting on the video “Somebody called me too fat?” adding hashtags “#mindyourown” and “#eatallyouwant”. 

We, Egyptians, having our own sense of humor, did not let it pass unnoticed:

The bright side is that she also got alot supporters who got her back.

Unfortunately, body-shaming is a negative behavior in all societies. Whether it’s fat or skinny shaming, this behavior needs to come to an end. It’s unacceptable to walk around thinking you can judge someone just because his/her figure looks different than yours. As Rihanna did, you shouldn’t care what people think of your body! As long as you are comfortable with how you look and confident enough with yourself, that’s all that matters.