She said: Daddy, I want to be with him. I love him.

He said: Is he from a well known family?

She said: No, but they are very decent and kind people.

He: Are they rich?

She: Not really, just an average family. But it doesn’t matter; we will build our future together.

He: Then where will you live? Can they at least afford an apartment?

She: No, they can’t. But he is working really hard and one day he will.

He: What did he study or where does he work?

She: He studied hotel management but works in a different field. He works as a salesman in real estate.

He: Does he make good money?

She: He makes enough money, daddy.

He: How do you know that?

She: He is saving to get himself a car.

He: He doesn’t even have a car? How does he move around?

She:  With cabs… But why does it matter?

He: If he can’t afford a car, how will he afford a wedding?

She: I don’t want a wedding ceremony. I don’t need it. I want a small gathering with friends and family.

He: Hmm… Does he at least have a future plan for his career?

She: He can’t plan anything now because he might be going to the military service for a year. So he is putting his life on hold now.

He: Sweetheart, let me ask you this one question. Why do you love him? I mean what does he have that other guys don’t?

She: He loves me, that is enough. He makes me happy all the time. And even though he doesn’t have much to offer right now, I know he wants to see me happy so he will do whatever it takes to get me everything I might ever need.

He: Listen to me sweetheart, you are my baby girl. You should know that you are the most important person to me in the world  and that my only aim in life is to see you happy. But this young man will never make you happy. I want you to have an amazing wedding and walk you down the aisle in front of the whole world and I want to be able to come visit your new home. I want to go to sleep at night knowing you are safe in your bed and that you had something to eat before sleeping. I want to know that the day you will have my grandchild, he will have a car to take you to the hospital. And I would like my grandchildren to go to good schools like you did. But mostly, I would like to leave this world knowing that I left you in good hands and that you will have a great life.

She: But daddy… It is not about money. It is about knowing the person you’re with will always treat you right. It is about trusting them will all your life. And I know I could never feel that way with someone else. I prefer an average and normal life with him, than a fancy life with someone else.

He: I know that’s how you feel now, but when you get over him and fall for someone else you won’t feel that way.

She: But I don’t want to get over him or fall for someone else. Even if I did, I will spend my life wondering what could have happened… And I don’t want to wonder nor regret anything.

He: It breaks my heart to see you like that, but I know it will break my heart even more later on when I see you’re living a miserable life. So you don’t have my blessing on this. I’m sorry.

She: But dad…

He: (leaves the room)