Dahab is one of our country’s top travel destinations that many Egyptians and foreigners escape to when craving serenity and peace. But is all this beauty coming to an end?

Karim Elshatawy, the owner of Every Day Cafe in Dahab, cries for help after the tragedy that is the decision or should we say ‘decisions’ of the City Council of Dahab.

According to Karim Elshatawy, these were the City Council’s decisions.

#1: Cafes and restaurants shouldn’t close their doors because doors and windows are blocking the sea view.

But how are people supposed to work with all this wind taking over the place? It won’t be bearable.

#2: All stairs that lead to restaurants’ rooftops are to be destroyed.

It is the end of those nights where you chill on a restaurant’s rooftop, chat with your friends, and stargaze. Because they just don’t want stairs. Cafe owners have spent thousands of pounds building those stairs, decorating rooftops and hiring people to help around. Guess all of this will be gone to waste.

#3: This alluring ‘Why Not’ bazaar will be shut down for no specific reason.

We see people taking amazing pictures of this bazaar that it has become one of Dahab’s trademarks. And instead of promoting it further, they decide to shut it down? Please don’t because we LOVE it.

#3: Cafes and restaurants are not permitted to use any water.

Who needs water anyway? But on a serious note, how is this even possible for a restaurant/cafe to not use water at all? Shouldn’t they be trying to facilitate water management issues instead?

#4: It’s curfew time! All restaurants and cafes should close by 2 am on daily basis.

Dahab is supposedly a touristic destination where people from around the world spend their days and nights to have fun, party, enjoy the sea or even enjoy a night in one of these restaurants. But not anymore, because now we have curfews!

So instead of offering more services to keep tourists awake, hence spending more money, we decide to do the total opposite?

We are extremely disappointed by these inconsiderate decisions. Dahab is a touristic city, that doesn’t only attract Egyptians, but also attracts people from around the globe. What we would want is to see Egypt greater than it ever was and to do that we need to have solid tourism and a flourishing economy.

Tourism will not improve with these kinds of decisions; it would actually get better if you’d do the exact opposite. Support local cafes and restaurants, make that bazaar bigger and advertise for it to be our ‘cool Dahab’ attraction. Make Dahab a lively city that people would love to visit over and over again.

We are asking you to not kill our beautiful Dahab.