As tired as we all are waking up every morning and getting ready, we all know our makeup routines are considered an existential crisis! However, easily fixed.

For Work

Save yourself from the tiring all out routine for your working mornings. Swipe a soft wing on the top of your eyelids and accentuate it with a day mascara. Opt for Kohl if you’d like and slightly fill in your eyebrows with a brown eyebrow pencil. Apply nude lipstick, or a shiny colorful lip balm.

For Iftar

Dramatize your look with a sleek cat-eye wing and decorate it with a bold curling dark mascara. Swipe your usual kohl on your lower lash-line and on your inner top lash-line. Fill in your eyebrows as well. Highlight your beautiful features; your cheekbones, tip of your nose and inner eyes. Finally, use nude or glowy lipstick or lip gloss.

For Suhoor

Add a pink highlighter on your cheekbones, as well as the bridge of your nose to highlight the definitions of your face. Add a light subtle pink blush to your cheeks to give your foundation a rosy color. Fill in your brows with a brown eyebrow pencil to draw in strands of hair. Start by smoothly applying a light mauve/pink shade on the crease of your eyes as well as your eyelids. Use the same color on your lower lash line. Draw a thin line over your lash-line. Use an eyeshadow sponge to smudge it out, giving you a smokey eye effect blended in with your colorful – subtle – eye shadow.

Fill in your waterline with a thin line of kohl to define your lashes, then add your dramatic mascara on your top and bottom lashes to highlight your dreamy eyes. Use your highlighter in the corners of your eyes to show off your stylish look. Over line Cupid’s brow to give your upper lip a plump look, but never over line the bottom lip. Simply draw over the line with the liner to fill in with your lipstick color. Use a darker pink shade to fill in your lining; don’t over color your lips to avoid smudges and marks over your face.