One of the many challenges that filmmakers and producers face is choosing the filming location. As all producers and producers to be know that a location has the power to make or break any artistic piece. Worry no more, Dakhli West El Balad has your back. Al Ismaelia for Real Estate Investment brought us Dakhli West El Balad project, as it’s the one and only real estate investment company concerned solely with restoring and reviving Downtown, Cairo.

Granting the opportunity to filmmakers to film in one of the world’s richest and most authentic locations such Downtown Cairo, is an opportunity that only Dakhli West El Balad offers. It’s “the first specialized locations platform” offering a wide range of locations: apartments, kitchens, bathrooms, rooftops, offices and corridors.

Ever since Dakhli West El Balad started in 2016, they received a lot of clients and witnessed the filming of many prominent media projects.

1. “L’a3la Se3r” Ramadan 2017


The series partially took place in the French Consulate building located in 5 El Fadl street, one of the locations that Dakhli West El Balad has to offer.

2. Baheya by Marwan Hamed

Marwan Hamed, Egyptian Director known for “El Feel El Azra2” and recently “Al Asleyeen”, filmed his new movie “Baheya” on the grounds of the French Consulate building as well.

3. “El Sheikh Jackson”

The Closing Night Special Presentation in the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), “ElSheikh Jackson”, Amr Salama’s next hit to the theaters soon; featured Shereen’s Apartment in Gawad Hosny Building located in 17 Gawad Hosny street.

4. Pepsi

Pepsi’s famous Ramadan ad that was a huge blow in creative marketing was also shot in Ghareeb Building located in 36 Abdel Khaleq Tharwat street.

5. Angham’s latest video clip

“Ann Farh Ghayb” also used 2 locations from Dakhli West El Balad to release the 1 million views video last March: Kodak shops located in 20 Adly street and Shourbagy Building, Villa Viollete located in 42 Abdel Khaleq Tharwat street.

6. “Enta El 7al” Campaign

Dakhli West El Balad also participated in the 2016 Government Ad to promote for power saving. It was shot in the French Consulate building located in 5 El Fadl street.

7. Mohanad Kojak

Twenty one-year-old talented Mohanad Kojak also used Dakhli West Elbalad studios to shoot his Dementia collection for 2016 in Shereen’s Apartment in Gawad Hosny Building.

8. DMC Sports Trailer

DMC network used Dakhli West Elbalad as the perfect spot for DMC sports trailer at the French Consulate building located in 5 El Fadl street.

9. Al Abd Patisserie

Al Abd’s latest trailer for Ramadan and Eid: “Sa3dna beha” rented the French Consulate building located in 5 El Fadl street.

What makes Dakhli West El Balad unique is not only that it offers filming locations for rent for the first time in Egypt, but also the authentic sense it adds to any project. To rent and get more information, visit their Facebook page Dakhli West ElBalad.