Egyptians are split into two groups: 1- those who totally disagree with the idea of dating, and 2- those who will never believe in arranged marriages. So what is those two different types take on dating apps? Because don’t dating apps combine those two sides? It’s kind of arranged, and it is dating.

In Egypt, there are different ideologies and types of dating apps.

There are apps and/or websites that are implicitly developed for sexual hookups, which is the reason why some Egyptians, if not all, believe that whoever visits those platforms is ill mannered. And there are other apps that are mainly to get people to date, and those apps either face the “el banat dol shemal” or face complete negligence.

The Applications

No matter how much people criticize such apps of both natures, they are still being used, could be more than any other app on play or app store. As technology changes and new apps appear, the ranking of the apps changes. Two years ago, I believe before Egypt got to know Tinder, the most used dating application in Egypt was Frim. Need not to mention that there are other apps now.

Society Standards

Those apps leave us more and more confused. As a country that appreciates traditions and norms, aren’t we supposedly breaking the traditions now? And as people who hate arranged dates/marriages, isn’t this way kind of like arranged? You are presenting yourself in an app and literally waiting for swipes behind the glass. Those who strictly believe that you shouldn’t date before marriage, isn’t this “online dating” still considered dating?

As those apps can be a great way for people to meet each other, they are being received in the wrong way. And as they, I guess we can say, provide a service, they also show how we live in such a double-standard society. The question remains: Are dating apps considered appropriate in our society, or will they always be perceived from a strictly sexual angle?