Whether it’s been two minutes, two days, or two years since you’ve been unceremoniously dumped by the so-called love of your life, one thing is certain: It sure isn’t easy to get them out of your mind and move on. Will you ever stop feeling those painful twinges when you hear their name?

1) When you meet them


Take a deep breath and relax; it’s just a casual encounter, be confident and friendly. Everything shall be alright.

2) Have a friendly chat


It’s impossible that this will turn into an extensive heart-to-heart visit on the grounds that your ex is likely to be as excited to see you again as you are them. Try to avoid panicking by not expressing any outward anxiety like twisting your fingers or pulling your hair.

3) Focus on the negative 


No matter what happened between you and your ex, you might spend a lot of time thinking about giving things another (ill-advised) shot. So whether it’s an old-fashioned pro and con list that you read when you wanted to ask your ex out again, or a print-out of a blistering e-mail you were sent during a fight, seeing the pain in black and white can keep you from going back to a bad situation.

4) Don’t put down your ex in front of others. 


If you speak in a derogatory fashion about someone you once loved, those close to you may fear that you will talk about them in the same manner.

5) Be friends


As long as your behaviour is appropriate and you don’t favour your ex over your children or current partner, being friends with an ex can be a good thing. It shows your kids how mature adults should behave and helps both families deal with the inevitable speed-bumps that occur along life’s highway.

6) Use humour to ease the tension of the situation


Crack a few jokes to bring on a smile, ask them something out of the blue like “So how’s your mother these days?” or “Yeah, I’m great although a bit tired”.