Panic Attacks

Do you know those moments when everything just feels strange and overwhelming? The moments when your chest seizes up and you find it difficult to breathe and suddenly the whole world is spinning?

If you do, then you have experienced a panic attack, which probably puts a lot of things in perspective now that you know. You don’t have to feel helpless while dealing with these attacks in the future. Try these methods.

Repeat An Internal Mantra

When you repeat words to yourself, you will be giving yourself something to grasp to, which is crucial during a panic attack.

Mantras, no matter how simple or even un-inventive, can be reassuring as long as you repeat on a loop until the panic attacks start to subside.

Get To A Safe Place

We know that while experiencing a panic attack, you might feel paralyzed and unable to do anything. While experiencing the attack, however, try your best to go somewhere safe, meaning free of noise and crowds.

Try going to an outside area, if you’re indoors, or going to an empty room. You could also invest in some noise-cancelling headphones to use if you can’t relocate.

Focus On One Object

Find an object, any object, that you can clearly see and try to memorize it. Note every little detail you can about it.

As you give this object your undivided attention, describing color, shape, size, assumed texture, and patterns to yourself, it’s very likely to feel your panic symptoms gradually fade.

Muscle Relaxation Exercises

Exercises like these can help stop your attacks as they control your body’s responses. Try to consciously relax one muscle followed by another and then the next. Start small with, for example, your fingers before working your way to other muscles.

This technique might not take that much time, but it does need practice.

Keep Some Lavender With You

It might sound odd if you don’t carry around sprays while out, but you should always keep some lavender on you. Whether in the form of lavender essential oil or tea packets.

Lavender is soothing and stress-relieving, which is ideal in helping your body relax. If you’re prone to attacks at any given moment, dab some of the oil on your forearms and breathe in the scent.

Do not use lavender if you’re using medication that has benzodiazepines, like xanas, librium, valium, and ativan.

Some of these methods may work for you, some may not, but in the end, the important thing is to try. You might find it useful.