Family gatherings can be stressful, but remember that you are making memories for those closest to you. Keep your cool and put on a smile, after all this is a season of harmony and peace!
Taurus: Have you been extra good this year? All your good deeds have not been overlooked. Santa Claus says there may be an extra-special gift waiting for you around Christmas day.


All the trials of the past year seem to melt away around this month. Enjoy the fun and festivities of the holiday season. December may bring you a brighter outlook to lift your spirits.


You’re not the kind of person to be bent out of shape by the holiday madness. Your loving warmth is just what everyone needs; you’ll charm everyone this month.


Parties, parties, and more parties! Enjoy a holiday filled with merriment and good cheer! Everyone loves a lively guest and you’re just the one to brighten up everyone’s holiday spirits.


Have you forgotten someone on your Christmas list? Make sure all your details have been covered, ‘cause you don’t want someone to think you’ve overlooked them this year.


Only you can be “naughty” and “nice at the same time. Your charm will delight everyone from family to friends this holiday season. Enjoy the season and make merry all the way up to New Year’s.


You are a natural born Scrooge! You’ll get over it by the time the 25th rolls around. Spread the joy of the season on thick and brighten those around you with the glow of the holiday spirit.


Happy Birthday Sagittarius! There’s time enough to do everything you plan to do, so don’t rush around. Take time to enjoy each moment of this holiday season with those closest to you.


You’re ahead of the holiday madness this year. Time to relax and enjoy the season with friends and loved ones. Don’t be surprised if Santa has a special gift for you somewhere in his bag.


When it comes to holiday organizing, you’re the best! You’re a “Santa” in disguise, so be prepared to take the reins and lead everyone smoothly into the new year!


In the spirit of giving, you can put Santa to shame. Remember to watch your wallet as the holiday grows nearer. Keep your gifts simple and sentimental for a happier holiday season.


November 22 – December 21

Strengths: Honest, confident, idealistic and incredibly humorous.
Weaknesses: Careless, impatient and untactful.

Most compatible with
Aries, Leo and Gemini.


Your love situation is not quite at its best during this time. If you’re single, you may be having a one sided love story where it’s not clear whether or not it will be reciprocated. Also it is possible that your crush already has a lover. So, there will be no progress on the relationship front and you may have to keep waiting.


If you have your own business, be careful of conflicting with your partner. You may even be cheated or your agreement may be broken. Also, there will be problems with documentation. If you share a joint investment, you should regularly check documents as you may be exploited later.