Devarana Spa
Last Friday afternoon, I visited the recently opened spa at Dusit. After a long stressful week at work and a not-so-relaxing hour at a dysfunction Petrol Station, I needed the pampering. The Thai-staffed Devarana Spa’s soft opening was just two weeks ago. Honestly, after the amazing experience I had, I’m glad it did. From the moment I arrived to the moment I left, relaxation was the theme of my day. 


As I entered the spa, I was greeted by the friendliest receptionist I’ve ever met in my life. And I’m not even exaggerating. I filled out a form at the waiting area about my skin and health conditions, was given some fluffy slippers and offered something to drink as I waited for the staff to prepare the room for my treatment.


I chose the Lavender Body Scrub from an extensive menu of treatments, because I wanted to treat my skin. Looking at the menu was overwhelming, because every treatment sounded more enticing than the next. There are some massage treatments, body scrubs and facials, as well as some amazing packages for an ultimate spa day.DS-RMS-0010

The receptionist escorted me to the changing room, gave me a roomy locker and a robe and told me where to wait. The Devarana Spa was up to par with cleanliness, equipment and unequivocal luxury. The price point, of course, commands that. Because the spa still hasn’t officially launched, the prices are less than they would be after.


It was such a relaxing therapy session, starting with a 20 minute lavender full body scrub. When Yao, my therapist, finished the scrub, she prepared my shower and told me to rinse off. That was followed with a lotion rub that felt like a soft-pressure massage. The environment of the room certainly helped add to the relaxing vibes of the experience. Dim lights, super comfy spa bed and a skilled therapist who knew exactly what she was doing – what more can I ask for?


Throughout the therapy, I spoke to Yao to find out more about the ingredients of the scrub and about her recommendations for skin care. Yao was heaven-sent – she was attentive and asked about my preferences throughout the treatment. I would give her 5 stars for her competent services.


Remember that form they made me fill? I included that I had back muscular pain, and after the scrub, Yao gave me a back, neck and head massage that relieved me of much of my pain. Not only do they make sure your treatment isn’t going to cause any health implications, they take it into consideration to customize your perfect therapy.


I arrived tensed up, and walked out very relaxed – a testament of a great day at the spa. My skin was smoother than a baby’s bottom, and I was serene and ready to take on the world. Spa days are always a good idea, and at Devarana, you honestly can’t go wrong.