The world’s leading international express provider, DHL Express, have announced their latest Middle East and North Africa’s partnership with the Egyptian king and Liverpool’s superstar Mohamed Salah. The announcement was made official during a press conference event in Cheshire, England in attendance of the man of the hour, Mo Salah – pre-Ramos injury – DHL’s top management, and top regional media representatives.

The reason for the partnership?

Launched in 1978, DHL has constantly worked on becoming the fastest shipping and logistics company in the world. Based on their beliefs, DHL has been in the hunt for a figure that has similar characteristics to their brand and a figure that believes in the same values they try to spread around the world.

Why Salah?

The collaboration with Egypt’s (and the world’s) sweetheart was due to Salah’s focus on working on himself extremely hard to become one of the world’s fastest players; owning the field. Signing the partnership with the Egyptian king, as an international player and a global symbol of sports values, highlight his leadership characteristics that inspire youth around the world, not only in the Middle East.

What is the goal?

During the conference, DHL announced the goals behind the cooperation with the football star; noting that Salah’s outstanding leadership qualities, as well as his philanthropic effort in Egypt, match the core values of the company.

The importance of Salah’s involvement?

Salah’s beginnings were modest and humble like all youth in Egypt and in the Arab world who grow up with great ambition to achieve their dreams but shortage with means to attain that. Reaching up to this point in his career has made him realize how crucial it is to be charitable and to be generous with others to help the community be a better one. A person with such awareness and understanding of the needs of the society best suited DHL’s aims and vision to work on more initiatives to serve people and help them live better lives.