Written by: Refaat Sakr

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As a married man, you tend to be responsible most of the time.

Myth says men hate responsibility and run away from it, yet little can match the satisfaction of successfully handling a tough situation or taking your family through a storm no matter what that storm is.

That’s what makes us, MEN, act inconsistently around the year. At times, we feel like rap artists spending money at every possible opportunity. Other times, we feel like old fishermen staring at the sea hoping to find the catch of the day.

Mentioning fish, there’s raw fish and they call it sushi. That sushi is evil.

Some things are just so awesome to hear and talk about, but they are not to be experienced like the Bermuda triangle, a volcano, a jungle full of wild animals and SUSHI ..

Sushi is not bad in the mouth, but not that good. I mean I wouldn’t spend 10% of my salary on a sushi meal that will not even feed my hunger .

Well, that’s how men think; what else could I do with that money. I could buy a new shirt, shoes or may be a new heater. I could spend it on a nice trip to the beach with my wife and kids.

Wives tend to disagree; most wouldn’t mind spending big on something they want. Simple isn’t it? I want it; I get it.

This could be the result of years and years of growing up as daddy’s little girl or may be because your wife knows you will give her money whenever she needs. Would you let your wife leave to work without money? Would you not set cash aside for emergencies? Aaaaaaaaah, emergencies. For you, an emergency may be buying medicine for your sick kids or fixing a broken pipe at home.

For your wife, an emergency could be SUSHI or anything else that she urgently wants. It’s all about priorities.

You will learn to live with these things, in fact you could either reduce that behavior, embrace it or learn it.

See my sushi could be your new shoe, waffle, a new bag. Spot it early; the sooner you spot it the longer you will have to stop it or tolerate it.

My fellow man, you must always know that you are the gate keeper, the answer, the echo, the genie in that God forsaken magic lamp.