Written by: Refaat Sakr

“Getting married is the most expensive way to wash your clothes for free,” Anis Mansour.

Technically, you’re not actually getting your clothes washed for free as you’re paying for the whole process after all. Wonder why you did this to yourself? You were the king of the jungle, the star, the one and only. Find these moments, these moments when you realize you have done yourself good marrying that annoying creature called a woman.

Simple example. When your wife makes you lunch everyday, you know for a fact that it’s not going to be special unless you have a nice meal to take to work which will make the meal special, not the act. If your wife usually wakes you up with a smile and a cup of coffee, it won’t be special. In fact if you didn’t find your cup of coffee in the morning, you might make a scene. WHY did you do it my friend?

You will get those moments when you come back late from work, look at your sleeping wife and say I did myself good choosing her. You will see a few things she did for your family or how she treats your kids; those moments are enough.

The smile that automatically appears on your face when you look at her on a good day, is it worth it? It really depends if you will both make it worth it or not.

Your wife is annoying; it comes with being a woman yet you must understand that you know her better than anyone. If you don’t, that’s your fault. Is it worth it? Well, if you are in a good mood it will be. If you just had an annoying discussion or received one of those haunting text messages, you will think “I did this to myself”.

Well, overall the woman thinks she lost a lot by marrying you, but I definitely think the man is the biggest loser in marriage.

It is not occasional. If you choose right at any given point of time, just the thought of your life without your wife will disturb you.

It’s a moment everyday or every week that will make it all worth it. Live every moment and remember one day you will see a pair of socks that you had an argument about and smile. Take it to her and say I asked you about those 5 years ago; where did you find them?!