Dina El Sherbiny

Every once in a while something so small yet so grand happens that restores a little bit of our faith in humanity. Thankfully, one of those things happened recently, yesterday to be exact, and we have Dina El Sherbiny to thank for.

Yesterday a happy mother took to Facebook to express her gratitude to the young star for something she did for her son. Needless to say, when we read it, it filled our hearts with joy.


In the post, therapist and author Lilly Mohsen (the mother in the story) describes an encounter that happened between Dina and her son in an embassy.

Apparently, the boy caught a glimpse of Dina El Sherbiny and was immediately star-struck. So he started talking about her to his grandfather. When Dina heard him, she was the one that went up to him to introduce herself.

According to the mom, the boy was extremely happy to talk to Dina. Naturally, he wanted to take a picture with her, but because of the embassy’s “no phones” restrictions, they couldn’t.

However, El Sherbiny still wanted to make the boy’s wish come true. So she promised to wait for him outside and take the picture when he’s done in the embassy.

And soon enough, once he left the embassy, he did, in fact, find Dina waiting for him outside to take a picture together, as promised.

Dina El Sherbiny

As amazingly sweet as all of that, surprisingly enough, it’s not the best part!

That Delightful Ripple Effect

Apparently, that sweet moment Dina and our young champ had is not just a sweet moment after all.

The reason?

Our happy champ is autistic, and according to Lilly (his mom) what Dina did made him extremely happy and calm. And apparently, it also kept him in an abnormally good mood throughout THE ENTIRE DAY.

Which, also according to the mom, doesn’t happen very often in his condition.

What truly warmed our hearts is when the mom expressed her utmost gratitude to Dina for the picture saying it will be of great help in difficult times in the future, especially when she needs to calm her son down.

So that seemingly small gesture not only created a sweet memory but also created a tool to help a heroic mother through rough times ahead…

At the end of the post, Lilly thanks Dina El Sherbiny again and expresses her delightful surprise to discover how humble and kind-hearted she is. And we must say, it really is a heart-warming surprise to us all.

There is truly so little to say about something so incredibly humbling like this. Because words will never do such a story justice.

The emotions expressed through this mother’s powerful words are strong enough to make us all believe that people are still capable of kindness, compassion, and just pure goodness.

But nothing draws a bigger smile on our faces and hearts like that beautiful wide smile on that beautiful boy’s face.

It is true experiences like these don’t come very often, and it may be true they don’t erase all the bad in the world, but when they do come around -as small and short as they are-, they leave us with a little but much-needed hope.

So Thank You to Dina E Sherbiny for making this gesture, and Thank You to Lilly for sharing the story with the world. And lastly, a huge Thank You to the boy who brightened our day with his pure smile.

Apparently, it is just like Lilly said; “There’s still good in the world…”