Disastrous first dates

Disastrous first dates are just funny stories that you later keep telling your friends about. Don’t worry you are not alone here; most of us had terrible experiences or at least know someone who’s been through this misery.

However, if you faced anything slightly similar to the following examples, then I recommend that you run as fast as you possibly can, because darling she/he ain’t a keeper.

The No Show Up

If you have ever been in this place, then you have my sympathies. It is quite devastating how one person can spend hours planning a first date and getting excited for it, but the other person wouldn’t show up or cancel last minute. Don’t ever do this!

The Blunt

It is cool to be super honest and act naturally, but it is not okay to confess your feelings on your first date. If there was any chance of the both of you getting together, then you just ruined them.

The Mum as a Third Wheeler 

We all love our mums and miss them a lot, but why would your mum call to check up on you every couple of minutes? I think it would have been easier if she was invited to the date as well. Typical Egyptian mums.

The ‘Nwafa2 Raseen Fel Halal

When your friends set you up with one of their other friends, it is really awkward but you can’t say no because you have been single for quite some time now. You go out with a stranger, hoping it ends with the both of you falling in love.

The Socially Awkward One

Both of you keep checking your phones most of the date. You keep looking at the clock thinking it’s been an hour, but it has actually only been 15 minutes. That’s why you always have to pre-prepare a fake emergency call with one of your friends just in case.

The One Where She Brought her Friend

You are finally excited to go on a date with the girl you had a crush on for weeks now. Here she arrives looking stunning as ever, but so does her friend. If you are not smart enough to get her ‘not so hidden’ message, then you deserve it.

The One Where You Meet One of Your Exes

Everything was going fine, and you were both enjoying your time until she caught sight of her ex. She starts babbling about how much he hurt her, and it suddenly seems like you’re going out on a therapy session instead. You’re lucky if she didn’t cry.

The One Where You Were Hiding from Your Parents

You would think that the odds are minimal, but it does happen! So instead of just enjoying your time together, you spend it trying to hide from her parents. Otherwise, you have to go and say hi to your future parents in law.


The dating world is rough on all of us, so don’t feel bad about yourself for having faced the downside of dating.