Times have never been tougher, right? An all-too-known crisis is happening globally and we’re all on lockdown with our families as a result. Without anything to break the spell, we’ve all gotten a little too sensitive, feeling kind of fed-up with the whole situation.

And since we’re this sensitive right now, who would give us a better pep talk than those who know sensitivity best? Sensodyne has cooked up a very special message to tell us that there are a lot of hidden gems when it comes to this quarantine.

And, yes, we’re getting this very special message through music. So naturally, we’re going to review it for your reading pleasure!

For their message, Sensodyne wanted to invite people in these sensitive times to chill and realize that later on these moments will matter the most, following their brand purpose of a life free of sensitivity.

And this message is widely felt throughout Sensodyne’s hit video (ما تبقاش حساس) where we get to see our favorite celebs and influencers in a state we haven’t seen them in before. Chilling at home during their downtime, with some being just as fed-up with this boredom as we are.

The video begins with the new-normal: a video chat between two friends, with the friends in question being Ahmed El-Ruby and Enjy El-Mokkadem. Seeing that Enjy is feeling a little down with the prolonged home-stay, Ahmed El-Ruby blesses us with his uplifting voice and starts singing us to positivity.

Through countless appearances by a number of other celebs, like Coucla Refaat, Alaa El-Sheikh, and Go-Proer Mazen Yassin, Sensodyne delivers a key message we all needed to hear. We need to make the most of what we already have right now, which is time.

Right now, as Sensodyne tells us, we have nothing more than time and how we use it here matters. And if we don’t know how to use it, we can get ideas from others who do. See, as the music video goes on, we see our featured stars as they connect (virtually and offline) with their families and friends by playing games or just hanging out.

We see others using this time to perfect their workout routine, cook, or just simply enjoy the day. Towards the end of the video, we even see one of them learning to work on some of their household skills, like fixing a leaky sink!


The music number, in of itself, is short but sweet, giving us some cheerful vibes with the scenes accompanying the song being scenes from the featured stars’ everyday lives, making us feel more included than ever before.

In short, the video doesn’t try too hard to stuff our eyes and ears with imagery and that’s the second best thing about it.

So what’s the ultimate best thing about Sensodyne’s new campaign video then? It’s giving us a hit number to enjoy our Eid break to!

We’re taking it from Sensodyne. All sensitive periods pass and this one is no different.