If you’re a parent, you’ve probably endured long nights of howling from your little one because of the “monster under the bed”. Because kids have such a vivid imagination, they tend to see every nook and cranny as home to the most vicious monsters. Dealing with something like that can eventually come to be frustrating, time consuming and tiring, especially if it leaves your little one on edge all the time. 

There are multiple ways to deal with your little tyke freaking out on you every night, but my absolute favorite is this monster spray. Let him spray it where they think the monster will be, and tell them it’ll kill them. They’ll feel much better knowing that they vanquish scary monsters themselves, and it will give them a sense of being able to stand up for themselves. Everyone wins!



  • A spray bottle  –  (*if you’re re-using a bottle that held cleaning fluid, please wash it well)
  • Monster stickers – (see below)
  • Water
  • Essential oil  i.e. lavender, tee-tree oil etc  – optional
  • A drop or two of Food Color  – optional

** 3 Dinosaurs has a terrific printable monster pack which you can download for free.

 To make your monster spray:

Involve your kids in the process of decorating the bottle and mixing up the spray.  


Via happyhooligans.ca