Most women will creep HARDCORE on a guy they like; reading all his tweets, finding old pictures from 2010 and even going to the extreme of stalking his family members. Do men do the same thing, and to what extent?

Or is this just a female thing to want to know everything about somebody?

We were very curious, to be honest. So, we’ve asked 5 men if they do it and why they do it!

The Truth

We had to drop that truth bomb and straight up tell you that yes, men stalk as much as girls do. And this is not what we think though, this is the testimony of 5 different guys!

But the most intriguing question is why do they do it?

Basic-stalker Mood

Most men just stalk girls for the obvious reasons. They want to know about their friends, the kind of places they hang out in and to see the pictures they usually post. If you post lots of selfies you might be self-centered, for example.

You could also be an attention seeker if you’re the type who keeps ranting and oversharing personal stuff. This is probably the simplest kind of stalking, the kind both girls and boys normally do. Brace yourself for the other reasons!

Social Background

While the stalking reasons for most guys are normal and legitimate, some are a bit shocking. Some guys actually stalk girls they’re interested in to find out stuff like if they smoke, drink, get physically intimate with other men or party hard or not.

You could take a wild guess; this is probably because most men don’t actually agree with such behavior.

Family Stalkers

Another strange motive is getting a better picture of what the girl’s family is like. As this may seem irrelevant for us, men seem to think it’s crucial to sneak their way into the accounts of the family members.

They want to compare their family to yours in terms of social background and education. However, guys claim they will only do this if they are pretty serious about a girl.

Political Views

This is definitely one of the weirdest yet most interesting reasons we heard from a one guy. He believes he needs to know where the girl stands politically, beforehand.

Imagine having a girlfriend that you suddenly discover is a supporter of a fascist regime, a turn off, right?

When we asked the same guys why they don’t directly ask the girls about all they want to know, they all agreed that girls, especially here in Egypt, will never spill the truth about their lives. Not right away, anyway.

This whole thing just came to us as a surprise. That since girls are, unfortunately, still thought to be the more passive partners in a relationship, that it’s more normal for them to “pursue” a guy in this way.

Guys, however, are still considered more “aggressive”, so they prefer to learn more about a gal through actually talking. Curious as to what your thoughts are now!

Finally, there is no shame in being a “social media stalker” as long as you keep your stalking to yourself in the privacy of your own home and don’t enter the “creepy” and “real life stalker” mode. Basically, don’t lose touch with reality and you should be fine.