By: Reem Hussein

Songs can be influential and in a way they can reflect cultural heritage. But they can also spread or reinforce wrong notions. We believe these nine songs are a little bit reinforcing the sexist side.

1. El Ragel, Ramy Sabry

“لما الراجل يتكلم الست ما تعندش معاه ماتقلوش حاضر في كلام تاني يوم تنساه”

Apparently, according to Ramy Sabry, whenever a man speaks, not only a woman has to listen and obey him but she also needs to remember his instructions.

2. Sih el Sayed, Tamer Hosny

ليكي الكلام ولأي واحدة تحاول تلغي الفرق ما بين الراجل وبين الست لأ يا حبيبتي فيه فرقين إصرارك على المقارنة ما بينا بيضيع من عيني ان

This song is sexist by all means. Hosny not only emphasizes the “huge difference” between men and women, but he also intimidates her by saying that she will not be feminine in his eyes if she ever thinks of men and women as equals.

3. Wa7da Tania Khales, Donia Samir Ghanem

“انا بقيت بلبس على كيفه مبقولش لأ على حاجة بيعوزها والتعليمات بالحرف انفذها”

She dresses according to his taste and listens to all his instructions.

4. Aktar haga bahebaha feeki, Tamer Hosny

“احلي حاجة بحبها فيكي هو ده”

If this does not encourage harassment, then we do not know what does. Objectifying women’s bodies is never okay.

5. Cairokee, Akher o3’nya

“اركن علي جنب و حط احمر شفايف”

Although Amir Eid’s intentions were good and he came out later explaining that he did not mean to degrade women, but in a way, he unconsciously did. You can’t just make a man inferior by attributing feminine traits to him.

6. Dominique, 3atrees

“عتريس قفل راسه وحالف لاخرج تاني من الدار”

Okay we might understand that this song represents our rural culture and in the video the singer is featured wearing a traditional Egyptian galabeya, but still it’s not okay to further promote the idea of a man excessively controlling a woman.

7. Fares Karam, 3am dawer 3a 3arous

“عم دور علي عروس هنيها و دلعها طلة جسمها تعمل دبحة و تربيلي المحروس”

It seems like the song seems to be putting too much emphasis on a woman’s body as the key for being a candidate for marriage.

8. Rabih Gemayal 3asabt 3alayha

امبارح عصبت عليها لأني من خيالي بغار كرج الدمع بعينيها صار عليي ألحق ورجولية قلبي صارت تخلق اغذار

So after he gets angry at her and she starts crying, he can’t reconcile with her because this would make him less of a “man”.

9. Saad el Mjarad, Enty ba3’ya wahed

“انتي بغية واحد يكون دمه بارد ساكت دايمآ جامد تغلطيه ما يدويش”

Honestly that’s the only verse of the song that we understand, but anyway we still feel the vibe of sexism.

Which song do you think is most sexist?