Egyptian Street

Let’s face it, any Egyptian street is like no other. Take a good look around and I promise you that you’ll see the weirdest of things happening ONLY on our streets.

If you haven’t seen the below list, are you SURE you live in Egypt?

#1: Peeing in the Streets

It is not weird anymore when you see this guy pulling over and standing next to his car casually peeing. What are you guys thinking when you do this? I mean don’t you feel a little bit embarrassed that you are this old and still can’t hold it in till you reach your designated place? Stop being big babies please!

#2: Signs of Not to Pee on the Streets


That is even cooler than the one above. Not only do people pee in the streets, but they also break the law when doing it. I honestly hope that all those who pee in the streets get caught and pay fines to save us from this misery.

#3: Running to Hop on the Bus


Normally people run to catch the bus, but in Egypt, people run to hop on the bus WHILE it is moving. And apparently, if this was a sport, Egyptians would take first place of not ever falling.

#4: Going to the Super Market Wearing PJs/Esdal


If you think like an average Egyptian, you’d find that it really makes sense to go to the supermarket next doors in your PJs or esdal, because why go through the hassle of wearing decent clothes. It is not like you’re going to meet the guy/girl of your dreams.

#5: Being Friends With the Person You Just Hit His Car


Egyptian Street

I don’t even have a justification for such actions. But it is pretty normal that after you hit someone’s car to either go to the police station because you were about to kill one another or be friends all of a sudden.

#6: Guys at Every Eshara Selling Weird Frog and Heart Shaped Balloons

What is the guy thinking? Why would a 25-year-old person think of buying a frog shaped balloon? It is great how he wants to sell anything to make a living, but frogs? Seriously??

#7: Receiving Winks from the 3askary When You’re Waiting for the Lights to Turn Green


This is hilarious. At first I thought that he had a thing in his eye up until the moment he started smiling and winking both at the same time. Amazing!!!

#8: The Beggar Who Insists to Polish Your Car


You are just waiting for the traffic lights to go green and here comes this guy out of nowhere insisting on polishing your car and you spend minutes convincing them that your car is actually clean, till the lights turn green and then back to red again.

#9: Having a Bunch of Dudes Sitting on Your Parked Car


Why is it considered okay to find people casually sitting on your parked car? It is pretty common to find a group of dudes partying on your car as if it was theirs.

#10: Guys Wearing Ripped Jeans and Having Interlocked Arms


I am not sure whether our eyes hurt because of your skinny ripped jeans or because of your interlocked arms? ‘Talama in public with no feelings, so what, right?’


Do you have anything else to add to this list?