Ever since we were all kids, we’ve all had one exact shared thought. We wanted to be stars. And if you think about it, it made sense back then. Stardom meant you got to do many fun things and be on TV and be famous.

And as we got older and more creative, we started to see the other actually important aspects of fame. We can get exposure for the creative content we dole out and we can reach an infinite amount of people if we get enough fame!

In the age of social media, though, this has been getting harder and harder. Everyone’s so present online and all creative fields are basic war zones as creators struggle for the top spot.

But, wait, what if we told you that you can now skip out on this internet bloodbath and get your content out in a much easier way? What if we told you all your dreams can come true and that you’ll be on TV!

It’s that easy with YouSat and, yes, we’re telling you all about it!

So, what’s YouSat?

We know, we know the name might seem unfamiliar but soon enough you’ll be seeing YouSat everywhere. See, this new satellite channel is the next evolutionary step in TV consumerism.

This is how YouSat works. It takes video content uploaded on its website (www.yousat.tv) and broadcasts it on television in full HD, which easily reaches hundreds of millions in the MENA region FOR FREE.

And now you might want to ask: “well, who uploads the content on the website?”. Here’s the best part. You do. You’re the creative force behind this channel, all from the comfort of your own home.

You being the creative here is just a gateway to a myriad of good things. See, the YouSat team’s vision encompasses an appreciation of all art and creativity, without limits or restrictions, which means you’ll get to fully express yourself and show your talent and content. Not to mention the exposure you’ll be instantly getting—get ready to say goodbye to internet biases!

“But why YouSat and not just social media?”

Time to get to the million dollar question here. Reading all of this, you probably think YouSat has a great premise and all, but social media still exists and has largely become where all the content exists. So why would you choose to forego that and go with YouSat?

Well, here’s the thing. You don’t have to leave social media alone and just focus on YouSat if you don’t want to. You can do both at the same time and doing both will actually be ideal. Social media is tricky and it might take some time to build up an audience and generally find your brand.

However, with YouSat, you’ll be already exposed to a growing audience and you’ll be getting good exposure to match the content you’ve worked so hard on. You’ll even be getting worldwide exposure in 2021 because YouSat is expanding its broadcast to the Americas, Asia, Africa, and Europe!

And that’s not all! As part of the YouSat Pack Program, content creators will get a certain percentage from the ad revenue due ads being played during their content’s airtime.

They’ll also be getting a great chance of being discovered by producers and celebs who will be watching the channel in search for new talents.

Guidelines and How to Master YouSat

The channel’s premise is basically an ABC equation. You’ll upload your videos (whether it’s an independent film, a vlog, a music video, a tutorial…etc. ) on the website, YouSat emails you the airing time and date and then broadcasts your content on the big screen for free.

Speaking of the schedule, don’t worry. It’s not as tedious as it sounds.

The schedule is also posted on the website and covers almost any category you can imagine, including but not limited to YouFilm, YouDance, YouVlog, YouTeach, YouRock, YouHealth, and many more. And if you want to have a daily and/or weekly slot on the channel, you can simply tell the YouSat team.

But, of course, there are a few guidelines to upload a video on YouSat. Any video uploaded must not include any hate speech, pornographic material, violence/abuse, or copyrighted material. Also, you must double-check that your content is in the following settings: 1920×1080, H264, -8 db, Pal, and 16:9 or 4:3 ratio.

What are you waiting for? Opportunity knocks with YouSat!