We won’t beat around the bush here. Money has always been a big part of our lives. And as we grow older and start making money of our own and stop getting allowances from our parents, we see just how tricky saving and spending are.

Let’s face it – by the time the month is over, we’re in a bit of a pickle over many, many, many online shopping expenses and borrowing cash from everyone around us. Usually, to solve this predicament, our parents turned to Gam’eyas, old-fashioned money circles.

Recently, though, these Gam’eyas have been nothing but sheer trouble. Someone’s always late to pay their turn or won’t pay or will suddenly dip out when they need to be very present.

But, hey, wait a minute – what if we told you that you can get all the benefits of the Gam’eya with none of the hassle? Because this is literally what MoneyFellows is offering you. The chance to get your cash game flowing, while being absolutely secure!

So, how does MoneyFellows work?

After you download the app (available on iOS and Android), MoneyFellows is pretty much a walk in the park. Much like a regular Gam’eya, you pick your slot, as in which month you would like to get paid, and then you select how much you can contribute.

Then, you pick out your payment method and don’t worry, you’ll have a lot to pick out from. You can choose either debit or credit cards, Fawry or Fawry Plus, digital wallets, direct debit, or cash.

And when you want to get your payout, you’ll have several methods, too. You can do that through either digital wallet, bank transfer, or Fawry Plus.

Onto the next step of this process, you’ll have to confirm your subscription by signing a legal contract, which will be sent by a MoneyFellows messenger or through one of the Fawry Plus branches.


When all is said and done, you can then increase your credit ladder, the MoneyFellows credit assessment that ensures you can pick your warranted slot, by uploading verified documents, on-time payments, and choosing late slots.

See? We told you MoneyFellows is the best way to change your life…cash wise!