Marawan Pablo

Ever since rap music came to Egypt and started growing and evolving, people have had a lot of different reactions to it as a genre. There was acceptance with Ahmed Mekky then a resurgence with Abyusif before the recent hype focused its spotlight on Marawan Pablo.

Sadly, the Marawan Pablo hype is anything but positive. Around a month or two ago, Pablo’s videos went viral and people were shocked for a minute before they collectively decided that he wasn’t for them.

Things might have been fine if it stopped at that, though. Take a look for yourself here.

there’s never really an appropriate time for this joke because it’s abelism and not a joke.

So, why do people hate Marawan Pablo now? Well…

There can be a lot of different reasons why someone might not like a musician or a rapper. They can be trying too hard or not hard enough, their music might be terrible or just not your taste, or maybe just represent a genre that you’re not okay with.

In Marawan Pablo’s case, though, we can all very easily tell this widespread dislike comes from the fact that he’s becoming a tad too overexposed, which is getting old and annoying quickly.

No amount of annoying, though, justifies some of the things people online have said. Some of which actually fell under blatant wishes of death, to both the rapper and his fans, that are “just jokes, you know”.

and it will never be okay to wish death on someone, ever.

Before you tell us we’re restricting your personal freedom of speech, no one is saying you can’t have different opinions and tastes.

You can and you can pretty much not like a person just because, but what you can’t do is go about it so aggressively you start insulting a person just for existing and doing their own thing.

Pablo’s own fans put it perfectly.

We can all be as different as apples and oranges in our opinions but that doesn’t mean we can’t respect each other’s right to different opinions. Or respect each other’s choices to do what we actually want to do.

We can all make memes and poke fun as long as we don’t get too heated up about proving ourselves right and raining on everyone else’s parade and success.

If Pablo isn’t your cup of tea, just don’t listen.