Don't Be Fooled - Carefree's Intimate Wash Campaign Is A Scam

Okay, so here’s one thing we sadly know all too well. Education about the things that really matter is limited in Egypt. And because of this ignorance, we tend to find that we believe things that aren’t true just because someone says it in a campaign.

And, yes, we’re talking about the recent Carefree campaign. Before you ask, yes again — this is where things get really ugly.

“Okay”, you must be wondering if you haven’t heard, “just why would a campaign done by a feminine hygiene products’ company be harmful?”

We’re honestly glad you asked. See, here’s the campaign. Carefree is currently trying to push all the way through with selling women and girls their new Daily Intimate Wash Kit, which includes products that “must be used” for “daily vaginal freshness“.

and it’s not supposed to be used internally but you already know people are doing it

And here’s the kicker: Carefree is also upping that campaign with another one about common myths about the female body, harping especially about PH balance and how their products are balanced just right.

Sounds good so far? Well, it isn’t. See, Carefree is selling us lies. Vaginas happen to be self-cleaning and, guess what, these products harm them.

Shocking, isn’t it? Why would a company that exists solely to sell feminine hygiene products be lying about feminine hygiene? Well, you can come up with all the reasons you can think of (hint: money talks) but you can never come up with a justification.

These types of products are very harmful because, as we said before, they’re anything but PH-balanced. If anything, the vagina itself is PH-balanced and using any of these products will mess up the PH level and might cause severe infections like UTIs.

That’s one way these products are harmful. Another way is that it keeps on selling us the myth that having a certain organ with certain functions (like having a menstruation cycle) automatically renders that organ unclean…when it’s literally a self-cleaning organ.

And that myth isn’t only harmful just because of all the infections. It’s harmful because it also plays into the societal standards already set on women and girls for having to be “dainty” and “flowery” and implying there’s something intrinsically wrong with them.

Really irritates you, doesn’t it? These big-name companies are openly using the fact that we don’t know much about feminine hygiene to sell us products that doctors warned against because they will harm us.

You should be angry about this and you should be angry with Carefree. No, this is not just an unfortunate mishap that they innocently didn’t know about.

It’s been proven time and again by many doctors and through people’s experiences that these vaginal wash kits (especially ones marketed for daily use) and the like are harmful. A company like Carefree should objectively know this.

And if it doesn’t, it’s really not supposed to be selling anyone anything then. These harmful after-effects are not a joke.

Tell your friends and spread the word. Don’t buy intimate wash kits and risk all the horrible after-effects. It’s a scam.