“Young Love.” These two words have such a pleasant sound to the ears, so innocent and as fresh as a daisy, and it is actually how young love is. A sweet song that makes our green hearts dance.

Staying up late to talk on the phone, falling asleep in class the next day, gossiping with the girls about it. It’s not really true love nor just infatuation: it’s teenage love.

Is it right? Is it wrong? Educational? I guess it’s a combination of all of that. But if you think about it, you might figure that falling in love at a young age, especially sixteen, is not the wisest of ideas. Let’s get into specifics so that I can tell you why:


You’re young, which means free

You’re no child anymore, that’s for sure. But even though you learned how to drive now and you and your friends hang around without one of your moms following you around as a guardian, you are still young. When we are young we wish to grow up, when we’re adult we wish to go back to being kids; this is life so no one is ever satisfied. But you will grow up anyway, and when you do you will never be able to go back with time. So enjoy your young age, enjoy that you’re still responsibility free, you’re not committed to anything or anyone. Embrace this freedom and don’t chain yourself with a relationship, leave that for later.


He might be the right person but it’s the wrong time

Let’s say you met the love of your life, and he really is the one, you both are serious about each other and you started dating, that’s awesome isn’t it? They say take it slow if you want your relationship to last, but they certainly didn’t mean that slow! The dating period will last for what? Seven to nine years? Probably things will lead to one of these two scenarios. The first is that you will still be together but you rob your engagement and the first few years of your marriage the thrill of discovering each other. The other scenario is breaking up because by force boredom took the energy out of your relationship. If you had waited for the right time to come since the start, things might have ended differently.


You are not the person you will be yet

Your personality and preferences are constantly changing. People mature and that change is inevitable. That skull-and-crossbones tattoo seems like an unimpeachably cool idea today, right? Let’s see if you will say the same five years from now. The thing is you don’t know who you are yet, neither does that other person you have a terrible crush on, and even if you do,you will change. Your future self has a different mind then your present one. So learn to love yourself first before loving someone else.


It will drain your battery

Being in a relationship will teach you more about life and love and yourself than you ever thought possible, there is no question about that, but not everyone is lucky to meet the love of their life at that young age. So at some point you will break up with the person you are involved with now after investing so much love in him and in the relationship. You go on with your life until you meet someone else, so you have to empty your cup and start it all over again.

I know it’s a very rude phrase but it’s actually true, it’s not always whom you love but when you love them.

  • Alaa H. AbdelHalim