Just when you thought you could have a spring break and enjoy the weather on the beach, the weather surprises you with an unexpected plot twist. It’s raining, windy, cold, dusty, and somehow still hot at the same time. Don’t let this weather ruin your vacation though; you could still enjoy it.


-Drive safely

The roads are slippery, so please be cautious when you drive; especially if you’re driving at night or in Sinai.

-The rain won’t affect your beach experience that much

You’re about to get wet in the water anyway, some rain won’t hurt. It might even be helpful, you won’t deal with the shocking cold water all of a sudden. You’re getting it gradually.

-If you don’t have weather friendly clothes, ask the hotel/camp you’re in for extra blankets


Get over your fashionista self, and get wrapped up in a blanket. You’ll get sick and be that person who ruined the vacation for everyone. You’ll also look worse when you’re sick than being wrapped in a blanket.

­-Sleep with each other


…literally! If it’s freezing cold for you, sleep next to someone. Body heat will keep you warmer.

-Enjoy the great indoors

If it gets too windy for you, maybe you could stay in your room with your friends and have a slumber party. Obviously that won’t be the best thing to be done, but it’ll keep you warm and with the right company, you’ll be okay.

-Flip your day

If you’re in a place that has nightlife, make sure you get all your sleep in the morning, where it rains, and enjoy the indoors at night. Logically, night will be colder than the morning, but all indoor places have heaters. You’ll be okay.

-You could always come back to Cairo

Wherever you are, you could come back home. You’ll have your bad weather gear at home, and all the indoor places to enjoy! Maybe even save this vacation’s money for a better weekend getaway when the weather is better.

-Simply, make the best of the situation

If you stop whining and mentally accept the bad weather, your vacation won’t be as bad as you’re making it seem. You’re in a nice place, with people you love, and you’re not working! You’ll even have a funny vacation story to tell later. Don’t be miserable!