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Previously, we talked about graduating from high school and all the feelings, good or bad, that come with it.

Right now, we’re going to talk about another milestone. Graduating from college and onto the real world.

Graduating a second time, however, is almost a completely different experience than the first time.

How is different, you may think? We’re glad you asked.

Excited? Dial 112

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We’ve said before that high school grads are distinguished by their hopeful, excited look on life, which ultimately makes sense.

On the other hand, though, college graduates are easy to pin down by their blunt cynicism. They’ve seen it all already.

Nothing is worth all the cheeriness, in their opinion. The real world will set in soon.

Speaking of the real world, college graduates can’t get enough of worrying about their futures outside the education system walls.

It’s not that they want to do so. It’s just that by now the idea of the future and ‘the world out there‘ has been embedded into their heads.

Same Old Family

Life after college is weird.

gif from reality TV

One day, you’re done with your exams and you’re waiting for your grades.

The next, every relative you know (and don’t know) is asking you the same question.

So, what do you want to do now?

Are you going to work? Do you want an internship? Well, why don’t you want to work? What does “a little time to yourself mean“?

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This phase might last a while, actually.

Sometimes it might even become coupled up with some very insensitive unemployment jokes you’ll be expected to take in stride.

Don’t worry. This phase will hold up until you get your first job and hopefully shut them up for as long as possible.


Since they’re looking the real world in the eye, college graduates may find that stress hits differently.

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You’ll no longer worry about grades or having your life in a professor’s hand. That is enough to be relieved about.

Then again, you’ll have other stresses. You see, real life stress has joined the chat and the things you can now worry about are infinite!

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Among the many things you can worry about is feeling like you’re running out of time before you even get started.


The first summer after college is…odd.

You have nothing to do now. Nothing at all.

You can binge-watch TV again but it’s not the same when you don’t have a time-limit and restrictions to soon follow.

There are many things to worry about, while marathoning all three seasons of Stranger Things, like the job market.

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There’s also the fact that, hey, you might not even know what you want to do next!

However, that’s not how it goes for everyone.

For a great portion of guys, the first summer after college is another period of transition.


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A transition full of stress as they wait for the army draft and their possible fates for the next year. Life might just have to wait.

General Outlook

While, high school graduates may leave school with feelings of optimism and high spirits, things may be a little tweaked for those leaving college.

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The previously mentioned cynicism might get in their way of enjoying their lives and living the moment.

Yes, we’re all struggling (for more reason than one) but in the end, we’re all human. Life is only as rich as we make it.

At the end of the day, both parties might be proven wrong.

Nothing is as it seems and this is something we’re accustomed to now.

Sure, things may not be bubbly, but does that have to mean they’re terrible?