Attraction Desert Zone

You know how it is. Yes, you do, don’t act all confused. Sometimes, you’re just sitting alone minding your own business and you realize something weird. “Wow“, you will think, “my heart hasn’t been working for months — why have I not had any feelings for anyone in ages?

If you’ve reached that stage, well, you’ve finally unlocked what we like to call the Attraction Desert (or Dead) Zone. Don’t panic, do not panic.

It’s not nearly as terrifying as it sounds. And, yes, we’ll explain.

So…your crush-having part isn’t working and that is still perfectly normal

See, this is the thing — it’s okay to not always be rushing about dropping heart-eyes all over the place. If you’re not into anyone right now, that’s perfectly fine. This isn’t a criteria to have just to be sure you’re “normal” and “like everyone else” because there’s literally no criteria to being normal.

You know what normal people do? They just exist and if it so happens that they have a crush on someone, then fine they have a crush on someone. If they don’t — yeah, we guess you can see where we’re going with this, don’t you?

“Okay, so that’s fine and dandy but WHY does it happen?” – a very valid question you might be asking right about now

There are a lot of reasons why you’re not having any romantic feelings or attraction to anyone. The top, and most common, reason, though, is that there simply isn’t anyone catching your eye. And if your standards are especially high, well, it gets even worse.

If you think there’s enough people who could possibly catch your eye but you’re still “meh” about the whole thing, then maybe you’re just in a romantic rut.

Maybe you just need to focus on something else right now or maybe you’ve just come out of a vague flirtation/romance that went nowhere. Reasons vary but it’s still the same end result.

Just let it happen, you won’t lose sleep over it

If you’re still worried, you should just know it’s nothing to worry about. Yes, even if it’s been months or, in some cases, a year without you feeling romantic feelings for anyone.

Use this time to go all in into your hobbies and interests and work/studies because, let’s face it, there’ll be more time for romance and crushes afterwards. This clarity of head, however, might be a limited addition to your productivity zone.

And you’ll bounce back eventually, either way.