Dr. Rehab Abd El Meguid is a doctor with a mission; a mission to assist people with certain medical conditions to achieve and maintain their best health by utilizing a unique combination of nutrition and culinary knowledge. She created “Motawazen – Dr. Rehab Abd El Meguid “ for that purpose only.

Dr. Rehab Abd El Meguid received her medical degree from Cairo University School of Medicine, her Masters and Medical Doctorate degree from the Department of Oncology and Nuclear Medicine also at Cairo University School of Medicine where she currently works as a lecturer.

Dr. Rehab trained in George Washington University Hospital, Lombardi Cancer Centre, Georgetown University Hospital, both in Washington DC, and in the National Cancer Institute, Maryland. Her professional interests focus was on Clinical Nutrition with a special interest in Oncology Nutrition and Cancer Prevention & Survivorship. She currently works as a Clinical Nutrition Consultant in Dar Al Fouad Hospital.

Above all this, Dr. Rehab is also a wife and a mother of three children.

Consultant in clinical nutrition, that’s your title, but we see you as a doctor with a passion. Talk us through how this passion started.

Dr. Rehab: I have always been passionate about nutrition. As a staff member in Cairo University, Department of Oncology, I have worked hands on with cancer patients for many years, and witnessed their fights against the disease. A fight that is sometimes won, but other times lost. Through my work with cancer patients, I have come to appreciate nutrition and healthy lifestyle approaches even more. Nutrition and healthy lifestyle are key factors in cancer prevention and better cancer survivorship.

How has it developed so far?

Dr. Rehab: To develop my passion, I traveled to USA to study and train in Clinical Nutrition with a special interest in Oncology Nutrition. I have had the privilege of training in some of the most prestigious cancer institutions in the US, like Lombardi Cancer Centre, Georgetown University and the National Cancer Institute.

We stumbled across your page Motawazen – Dr. Rehab Abd El Meguid ; a very informative page for many patients and people who want to go healthy. Can you tell us the aim of the page?

Dr. Rehab: The aim of the page is to spread awareness about nutrition and healthy life style approaches that is most suitable for people with a specific health condition. The page has a variety of content, videos, posts, recipes and infographics. We try to create content that targets audience like diabetics, hypertensive, pregnant women, breastfeeding women, people with immunodeficiencies and all those with a health condition who need nutrition protocols and lifestyle approaches that is most appropriate to them.

Your idea of reaching every patient at home through your program, Facebook or any platform is a very respectable initiative, what are your plans to reach everyone?

Dr. Rehab: We hope to grow our Facebook page and reach more audience. We are planning to launch our initiative on other social media platforms, like YouTube & Instagram. We are aiming for more engagement on all the social media platforms, so we can create content that is tailored according to people’s needs.

In real life, we have a plan for community Culinary Medicine classes that involve nutrition education implemented in the kitchen. These classes are targeted towards people with a health condition, to help them take control of their health issues and improve their outcomes.

Wasfa.com is part of your many public appearances. Tell us how this experience is different.

Dr. Rehab: This experience was quite challenging. wasfa.com helped transform my initiative into a digital friendly format program. This format definitely helped me reach more people. I did a season of twelve episodes with them. The program was so successful on their platform that they decided to create a whole new section for wellness and health on their platform.

You appearances in ‘Kol Youm’ program with Amr Adib had a great impact on so many levels, for you and for your audience. How was the experience?

Dr. Rehab: That was something else :). Amr Adib kindly offered me a great opportunity when he invited me to present my initiative in his program “Kol Youm”. I introduced nutrition and healthy cooking segments on the show. One was dedicated to diabetics and another for healthy fasting in Ramadan. I felt really privileged to introduce those segments in his program, which has a very high viewership. It definitely helped me reach more people. Definitely looking forward to more coming episodes with Amr Adib.

What are your next projects or steps to fulfill your passion? What is your future plan?

Dr. Rehab: My plan is to continue to spread awareness about science-based healthy lifestyle approaches and lifestyle modification.

I want everyone to know that they can prevent diseases, control their health condition, improve their health indicators and live a better life by adopting a healthy lifestyle. It might be a bit of a long journey, but it’s definitely worth every step of the way.