They say that love is blind- except when it comes to your own self. As women, we are self-conscious and critical of everything from our perfectly manicured nails and cuticles to that one strand of premature gray hair no one else can see without a magnifying glass. You don’t need a professional stylist though to know what makes you feel good about yourself. Instead, why not take your queues from some celebs who are ahead of the curve? Here are some valuable styling tips and tricks of the trade that will have you going from frump to fabulous in no time at all.


1. All About That Base

Your Celebrity Twin: Jennifer Hudson
Your Go-To Style: Flaunt your slender shoulders and bustline with intricate embellishment and cutouts. Consider the empire waist is your BFF.
Your Trick up the Sleeve: Baseball and halter necklines to captivate the gaze at your shoulders and uneven hems to lengthen the legs.

2. Shoulder to Shoulder

Your Celebrity Twin: Elizabeth Hurley (and most runway models!)
Your Go-To Cut: It is all about the shift dress. Try non-descript sleeves with heavy focus on patterned trousers, ultra-distressed jeans and standout skirts.
Your Trick up the Sleeve: Keep your tops simple and your bottoms busy. Whatever you do, avoid halters and one shoulder cuts.

3.Cinched at the Waist

Your Celebrity Twin: Scarlett Johansson
Your Go-To Cut: Pretty much anything you like!
Your Trick up the Sleeve: If you’ve got a well-defined waistline, work in some draping to accentuate those curves.

4. Straight Shooter

Your Celebrity Twin: Kate Winslet
Your Go-To Cut: Go for slimming contours and trims that will keep your legs exposed. Flouncy hems and midis could even work for you.
Your Trick up the Sleeve: Bodycon dresses for the win. In particular, those amazing creations with good contrasting and illusions at the waist.