There is a new fusion cafe\concept store called Kulture House that just opened in Dubai and it’s getting all of us here in Egypt ridiculously envious.

I write this article in a form of protest. I want a fused up place where I can take ridiculously good Instagram shots in my home country too.

Somebody better do something and make us a Kulture House that serves the world in a platter right here in Egypt. Because well, how can I phrase this… I am too poor to go anywhere.

We all want to travel the world and explore the globe, but many of us just settle for watching the places and cultures we want to explore from afar, but wouldn’t it be better if the world came to us?!

Seems impossible, right? Well, it isn’t anymore, at least to Dubai residents, and hopefully one day, us too.

Kulture House

Kutlure House is a new multi space concept store\cafe that just opened on Jumeira Beach Road. The aim of this diverse concept store is to merge countries and cultures from across the globe under one welcoming roof. So you don’t need to use your passport to visit the country of your dreams.

This one-of-a-kind venue was born out of the founder’s love for travel and cultural immersion. It is created with the goal of proving that there is more in this world that unites people together rather than divides; whether it be the spices used in food, textiles’ patterns and colors or the daily traditions that weave through each.

Where can I go if I go to Kulture House?

From the moment you go through the intricately tiled entrance flanked by a beautiful, courtyard dining space to the renovated Jumeirah villa, you’ll know you are in a cultural Bermuda Triangle.

The inside of the place is no different. It’s buzzing with colors and cultural flavors from every corner of the globe; from the modern take on an Arabic majlis to the life-size Russian doll.

As you wonder through the venue, you will be taken on a virtual journey through the continents of the world. You will see countries such as  the UAE, Peru, Kenya, Egypt, Cuba, Morocco, Azerbaijan and Italy all coming to life under the same roof through the design aspects, uniquely picked furniture pieces, and intricate details.

It’s a cafe, it’s a retail shop, it’s a florist, it’s KULTURE HOUSE!

In an attempt to create a safe welcoming “home away from home”, Kulture House made sure to offer a sense of community to its visitors.

Which is why Kulture House is a home grown, multi-space venue that merges -under the same roof- an artisanal café, an art gallery featuring the work of handpicked local artists, a florist, and a retail shop that offers a collection of an eclectic mix of mostly fair-trade items sourced from around the world!

So basically once you walk into Kulture House, you won’t need to go anywhere else, because… well, why would you?

Let’s Talk Food!

Culture is great and all, but first, what are we eating?

Kulture House’s menu was created with honesty and wholesomeness in mind. Much like the venue, the food is welcoming, quirky, diverse and delicious.

They offer breakfast dishes including Jalapeno Eggs Benedict, Mezzeh Platter with Meloui Bread, Avocado on Toast and Acai Bowls.

As for the lunch/dinner menu, it serves up dishes with a difference- Breaded Olives, Salmon Fish Fingers and Weekend in Capri- Linguine Pasta, Sundried Tomatoes and Crispy Cheese. 

Now to the dessert, for a place this unique, you can’t expect the dessert menu to be any different. One of their best desserts is the Persian Nights Rice Pudding that is infused with saffron and topped with pistachio brittle. The Fried Oreos is another one of their can’t-miss desserts that people seem to go crazy over.

If you are one of the lucky ones and you happen to live in Dubai or are visiting soon, here is the address: 106 Jumeirah Beach Road (opposite Beach Centre).

It opens from 9 am to 6 pm.

Enjoy and send us loads of pics!