Hair Dye Mistakes

Okay, so sometimes you want something to change in your appearance for the hell of it. And usually the thing that changes will be the color of your hair because, well, we just love living it up with our hair.

But wait, now you don’t want to dye your hair at the hair-salon? You want to go about this yourself and, honestly, you think you got what it takes. After all, how hard can dyeing your hair be really?

The answer is very, very hard. A lot can go wrong, you see, so let us tell you about some mistakes you’re going to need to avoid here.

Not actually knowing what shade you have

Please, please make sure you know the color you have. And that the shade you got is actually the shade you wanted. See, sometimes the color on the box is misleading and you end up incredibly upset, usually with ruined hair.

Skipping the allergy test

Here’s something really important. You need to do a skin allergy test about two days before you use the hair dye because you don’t want to discover a potentially life-threatening allergic reaction mid-dyeing.

Seriously. Do not skip this part; it’s just as important as the actual hair-coloring part. Just accept the hassle; it’s okay.

Uneven brush strokes

You have to be careful about how you do your brush strokes. See, if you just apply the color randomly, you will have an uneven color and you will probably hate every second of people trying to fake-compliment your hair.

You have to be organized in this, going at it strand by strand so you can have even color distribution.

Dyeing your hair alone

Yes, you’ll usually need a partner in this process. Just in case anything happens, you know. And if you can’t get your friend around in person, just phone them when something feels amiss. Second opinions matter here!

Washing your hair too soon

Yeah, so here’s the thing — you can’t wash your hair immediately after dyeing it. Actually, you can’t wash it for two days after dyeing because the color will literally be rinsed off.

Just be careful and mind your head…literally!