2020 is coming and we’re all in need of some change, aren’t we? We need to take risks and embrace our culture and clothes is one way we can fully express that. Before you ask “well, who’s out here giving us that creative outlet?”, don’t bother because OAM is already on it.

Culture and Change Merging Into One

Since Egypt has an insanely rich culture, you’d think more people would be trying to incorporate it into fashion but apart from a few designers, it’s literally a shame.

Our culture has, for lack of a better word, been bizarrely underused, so Omar A. Mubarak with his OAM exclusive brand, a fresh face on the scene, is always desirable.

Focusing on risk-takers and those who love a good challenge, the clothing brand pays homage to Egyptian history and culture through a series of clothing items, all decorated with catchphrases, proverbs and portraits.

OAM doesn’t want to stop at cultural pride, though. Instead, they’re actually aiming to completely reshape the way others interpret casual Middle Eastern fashion by displaying the uniqueness of it all.

With pieces like these, decorated with culture and style, conversation between easterners and westerners will pop up and go beyond our wildest hopes and dreams. This will especially help in destroying all preexisting stereotypes about the Arabic language, making the brand a double-edged tool of change.

Arguably, one of the best things about OAM is that it’s completely digital, which means you can shop online through the brand’s Shopify website.

Don’t you just want to call dibs on that Abdelhalim hoodie?